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Outstanding GSI Award Winner

Leah Johnston.
Congrats, Leah Johnston!

We are pleased to announce that the outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) in the Vision Science Graduate Program for the 2022 calendar year is Leah Johnston.

Leah was a first-time GSI in VS203B Optical Systems and Physical Optics co-taught by Austin Roorda and Dan Harvitt in Spring 2022. Despite not having taken the course, or having any formal training in optics, Leah rose to the challenge, receiving excellent ratings and high praise from her students as well as accolades from the instructors.

These comments by some of the students exemplify the positive impact she had on her class:

“Loved Leah’s enthusiasm and love for optics. Made discussions enjoyable and helped the class understand the material with her well thought out power points. My favorite GSI this semester.”
“It was obvious Leah put forth a lot of effort to be adequately prepared to assist students.”

In addition to the local Vision Science Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (OGSI) Award, we’ll be forwarding Leah’s name to the campus-wide graduate division OGSI competition.

Congratulations Leah!