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Proxy (aka EZproxy) – Valid Only Fall/Spring Semester

  • Simpler access through Proxy – valid only Fall/Spring semester: Click here
  • This requires easy steps of typing in your CalNet ID once; then, you are on UCB PubMed collection.

VPN Library Access When EZproxy Does Not Work in the Summer

From now to 8/16, you need to take the following steps to enable remote library access from home. Please be aware that you are making online access to any websites through the UC system while your VPN is active. If you want to make private access, you have to disconnect VPN access (or activate VPN access only when you need the library.)

Step 1

Please download and install the Berkeley Global Protect here for your device.

Step 2

Once you download and open up the app, put in the VPN server address of

Step 3

You will go through regular CalNet authentication.

Step 4

The next step is to make sure you are connected to the Library Acess and Full Tunnel.

Step 5

Please access the UCB PubMed link and search for an article.

Step 6

Once you find an article you want and click on the publisher’s link, it will take you to the actual article page. You should see the “UC Berkeley Library” recognization somewhere and should be able to download the file.