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ViSUR Testimonials

Kaiona Martinson.
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Read what past participants had to say about the ViSUR program.

UC Berkeley fourth-year undergraduate student, Kaiona Li’a Martinson, says participating in the Vision Science Undergraduate Research (ViSUR) program at the Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry & Vision Science was a significant step in her academic journey.

“During ViSUR, I had the chance to dive into interesting research and was amazed to be surrounded by and learn from top-notch experts in the field” says Kaiona. “The program’s tight-knit community, accessibility, and openness of the faculty were some of the highlights… ViSUR not only offers a great educational experience but also a welcoming community where you can explore vision science and discover its many fascinating aspects.”

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About ViSUR

ViSUR is an 8-week intensive summer program in which undergraduate students are given the opportunity to work in a vision science lab with a faculty advisor on a research project. In addition to a $5,000 stipend, all housing and travel expenses are coordinated and provided by UC Berkeley. Learn More