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Vision Expo West 2019: An Optometry Student’s Perspective

Sophie Moh, text reads: "Vision Expo West 2019 Recap, An Optometry Student's Perspective."

Last weekend, a few of our optometry students attended Vision Expo West 2019 in Las Vegas. Vision Expo is an event for eyecare professionals to discover trends, interact with new technologies and access innovative products and services.

Sophia Moh (class of 2022) walks us through the amazing experience she had meeting brilliant ODs and other optometry students there:

Ron Kemper and students at the VSP booth, text reads: "joined a VSP booth tour by Ron Kemper."

On day one, we visited VSP and joined the VSP Booth tour hosted by Ron Kemper. I learned about how big of a company VSP is and all their different branches like Marchon, Eyefinity, VSP Optics and more!

Students and speakers at a CE course, text reads: "Attended CE Courses. Went to classes that sparked my interest!"

I also attended multiple CE classes that sparked my interest. My favorite class was about “Troubleshooting Optical Problems” by Laurie Pierce, who is an amazing instructor.

Students at the Young Leaders in Optometry Panel, text reads: "Got to listen to these amazing ODs talk about their experiences in the industry."

On day two, I attended a panel for Young Leaders in Optometry, where I had the opportunity to listen to amazing ODs talk about their experiences in the industry. I enjoyed the intimate, small group setting of this panel, making it easy to ask questions and interact with the young ODs. I was able to recruit the founder of Young Leaders in Optometry, Dr. Fayiz Mahgoub, to come and speak at Berkeley Optometry for EyeChat!

Four students at the Haag-streit booth, text reads: "Visited the Haag-Streit booth to thank them for the new slit lamps at UC Berkeley Optometry's pre-clinic lab."

After the panel, I had a couple of hours to walk around the exhibit hall, where I ran into the Haag-Streit booth. I brought my classmates along to say thank you to the Haag-Streit reps for the generous donation of slit-lamps to enhance our Pre-Clinic experience.

Students at the vision science foodie tour, text reads: "VSP Foodie tour. Enjoyed delicious food with new friends."

To wrap up the experience, VSP brought us along their Foodie Tour in downtown Las Vegas. We ate delicious food and made friends with ODs and optometry students from different schools.

Vision Expo West is a great opportunity to learn, share ideas and work together to promote better eyecare. To learn more about Vision Expo West, visit