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Unlearn Book Club

A message from OD student, Joanna Lopez.
“My name is Joanna Lopez and I am one of the current Unlearn Club co-leads along with Leah Johnston and Peter Wang.

We had a really good time last semester reading Reclaiming Our Space by Feminista Jones, and we were even able to meet the author of the book!

We want to extend an invitation to all members of the Berkeley Optometry & Vision Science community to participate in this semester’s Unlearn Book Club:

Once a month we will:

  • Meet over dinner to casually discuss a book;
  • Unlearn harmful narratives and biases that perpetuate the oppression of marginalized groups; and
  • Re-learn more inclusive, compassionate perspectives and truths in a safe space together.

Please fill out the interest form linked below; indicating your availability, recommending books for us to read, and if you would be interested in leading a session of book club.”

– Joanna Lopez, OD Class of 2025

Interest Form

We Need Your Help!

Help us choose which book to read next by filling out the google form below.

Book Survey


If you have any questions about the Unlearn Book Club, please contact Joanna at: