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The Young Vision Scientist Podcast

Vision Science Podcast.
The Vision Science Program is excited to announce the launch of our student-led podcast, hosted by Reem Almagati,OD,MS, and produced by Catherine McChrystal, MA!

In our first episode, Reem talks to Christian Shewmake, a rising second year in the Vision Science program. Christian shares how he got into vision science, his research in computational neuroscience and the “problem of representation,” and the questions he’s asking about artificial neural networks and machine learning. He also shares his tips and advice that he’s learned over his time in the program.

The Young Vision Scientist podcast is for prospective students, vision scientists, enthusiasts, and anyone with an interest in vision science — happy listening!

See below for a snippet from the podcast:

To listen to the episode, and to read the transcript of the episode, please click the buttons below.

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Tune in for future episodes, where listeners will learn about recent research questions and findings; and hear conversational insights about cutting-edge research and new advances within the interdisciplinary study of vision science.

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