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The Poetry of Doris Peeler-Brown

An aerial view of the campus covered in fog, with San Francisco in the background.
Please enjoy a poem written by Doris Peeler-Brown, a research participant with low vision, and a patient in our Low Vision Clinic. Doris wrote on her experience participating in one of Dr. Susana Chung’s research studies.
The Research Team Reigns Supreme
We three, that was us
No crowds; no noise, no fuss
The short walk was especially nice
Easy questions; some asked twice
Really, truly, more than that
We shared heartwarming, engaging, get-acquainted chat
My eyes, however normal that they might appear
Allow me to see far; but not so much near
No judgement of me did either Doctor make
My mind was open; awaiting my fate
While the walk was short, the room was fairly big
What an interesting, combination, to non-researchers, it is
Getting right to the point, she washed her hands
Being extra polite she revealed her plans
Not just one Doctor; there were two
Polite, knowledgeable, an enthusiastic crew
The work of the two seems to be going well
Seems one explains; the other propels
Encouragement, kindness; mostly those two
embracing discretions, and courtesy, too
Just three folks. No uncomfortable remarks
Just two Researchers, off to a great start
My work was quite easy; the tests were all done
Researchers were patient; no judging. Just fun
Scholarly, they were, and for a great cause
They weave good stories and serve a great cause
Seeking helpmates, researching blindness
And skillfully blending storytelling with kindness
Copyright 1-21-2022 Doris Peeler-Brown