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Student Innovator Award 2020

Group of 7 faculty and students.

The Berkeley Student Innovator Award rewards the most creative, innovative, and feasible idea that a student or a team of up to three students can come up with, not limited in scope. The Award is sponsored by VSP through Jobson’s Rick Bay Foundation for Excellence in Eyecare Education.

We are happy to announce that Angelica Estrella (middle) was the winner of the Student Innovator Award this year. Angelica, whose innovative presentation was titled “EyeMinder,” will receive a $5000 scholarship and the opportunity to present her ideas at the Vision Monday Leadership Summit in NYC on March 25. Congratulations Angelica!

The presentations of the other 2 finalists, Yasmin Javed (CompoCase) and Billie Beckwith-Cohen (Ocu-pHlow Strips and Threads for concurrent measurement of tear production and tear pH) were also memorable. VSP kindly awarded them with travel grants to any conference of their choice.

Special thank you to VSP and Jobson’s Rick Bay Foundation for Excellence in Eyecare Education for sponsoring this inspiring event.