The NEI summer research program offers an ideal opportunity to determine whether research might be the right career choice for you. Students are given opportunities to conduct research in a variety of scientific disciplines and present their findings to faculty and fellow students. Below you’ll find selected presentations by our first-year student researchers.

Summer 2017

Briana Broussard, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Measuring the effects of high order aberrations on aniseikonia in keratoconus
Mentors: Cliff Schor (faculty)/Sangeetha Metlapally (clinician scientist)

Connie Chen, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Lipid mediators and sex-specific regulation of immune responses in dry eye disease
Mentors: Karsten Gronert (faculty)/Jessica Wei/Rebecca Flitter (postdoctoral fellow)

Justin Duong-Mac, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Pseudomonas aeruginosa adaptation to the cornea-contact lens environment
Mentors: Suzzi Fleiszig (faculty)/Matteo Metruccio (postdoctoral fellow)

Mohamed El Zeiny, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Oculomotor changes after VR exposure
Mentors: Dennis Levi (faculty)/Angelica Godinez (VS PhD graduate student)/Elise harb
(clinician scientist/VS PhD graduate student)

Angelica Estrella, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Characterizing differences between S and L/M cones in primate retina
Mentors: Theresa Puthussery (faculty)/Jacqueline Gayet (scientist)

Jessica Gee, Berkeley Optometry
Project: The effect of stimulus size on the measurement of visual function
Mentors: John Flanagan (faculty)/ Luke Chong (postdoctoral fellow)

Claire Henry, Berkeley Optometry
Project: The effect of longitudinal chromatic aberration on accommodation
Mentors: Marty Banks (faculty)/ Steve Cholewiak (postdoctoral fellow)

Danielle Kolschefski, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Teller acuity cards versus Berkeley preferential looking
Mentors: Debora Orel-Bixler (faculty)

Jamie Ngo, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Optimizing gene therapy delivery to mitochondrial retinal eye disease
Mentors: John Flannery (faculty)/ Cécile Fortuny (VS PhD graduate student)

Irene Tan, Southern California College Optometry
Project: A study of time- and dose-dependent effects on pupil size and accommodation of
topical atropine applied in low concentration
Mentors: Maria Liu (faculty)/Sarah Kochik (clinician scientist/(VS PhD graduate student)

Amy Wen, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Adherence to follow-up after telemedicine-based diabetic retinopathy screening
Mentors: Jorge Cuadros (faculty)/Taras Litvin (collaborator)

Felix Wong, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Does adapting to videos affect fixational eye movements?
Mentors: Susana Chung (faculty)/Mehmet Agaoglu (postdoctoral fellow)

Summer 2016

Anna Lily Xie, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Contact Lens-related Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Faculty Mentors: Suzi Fleiszig/Matteo Metruccio

Vincent Chan, Berkeley Optometry
Project: High Order Aberrations Induced by Refractive Surgeries and their Effect on Stereo Acuity
Faculty Mentors: Sangeetha Metlapally/Cliff Schor

Kristi Choy, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Reflex versus Streak Retinoscopy as Screening Tools in Children
Faculty Mentor: Debora Orel-Bixler

Valerie Lim, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Dosing and Its Effect on Choroidal Thickness and Myopia Progression
Faculty Mentors: Elise Harb/Chris Wildsoet

Jennifer Nguyen, Berkeley Optometry
Project: A Study of Time and Dose-dependent Effects of Low Concentration Atropine on Accommodation and Pupil Size
Faculty Mentors: Sarah Kochik/Maria Liu

Ghazal Naseri, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Effect of Anti-Glaucoma Drugs on Myopia Progression in Guinea Pigs
Faculty Mentors: Nevin El Nimri/Chris Wildsoet

Rachel Choi, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Gene Therapy in Retinal Degenerations
Faculty Mentors: John Flannery/Cecile Fortuny

Priscilla Chang, ICO
Project: ICO Treg Involvement in Sjogren Syndrome Development
Faculty Mentor: Nancy McNamara

Bee Bui, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Keratitis Visual Discomfort with Stereoscopic 3D Head Mounts
Faculty Mentor: Marty Banks

Charlotte Wang, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Relationship between Foveal Cone Density and Axial Length
Faculty Mentors: Austin Roorda/Sowmya Ravikumar

Fiona Yuan, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Virtual Reality: Not just for Gamers
Faculty Mentor: Dennis Levi

Tiffanie Truong, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Rate of Adherence To Treatment Recommendations For Sight-Threatening Diabetic Retinopathy
Faculty Mentors: Jorge Cuadros/Taras Litvin

Katherine McCracken, HCO
Project: Not All Dry Eye Questionnaires are Created Equal
Faculty Mentors: Meng Lin/Eric Li

Jessica Yuen, Berkeley Optometry
Project: The Relationship between Ocular Surface Cooling and Ocular Comfort
Faculty Mentors: Meng Lin/Eric Li

Summer 2015

Molly Duong, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Amblyopia: Beyond the Critical Period
Faculty Mentor:Dennis Levi

Jup Grewal, Berkeley Optometry
Projct:The Role of Blur and Project: Disparity in Depth Perception
Faculty Mentor: Marty Banks

Kathie Huang, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Non-invasive vs. Invasive Tear Break Up Time: Why Are They Different?
Faculty Mentor: Meng Lin

Elysia Ison, Berkeley Optometry
Project:Atropine for Myopia Control
Faculty Mentor: Maria Liu

Nikita Katoozi PUCO
Project: Human Behaviors Related to Refractive Error
Faculty Mentors: Elise Harb/Chris Wildsoet

Hee Yoon, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Peripheral Refraction
Faculty Mentor: Stan Klein

Megan Lopez, Berkeley Optometry
Project:Factors allowing Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Traversal of Multilayered Human Corneal Epithelial Cells
Faculty Mentor: Suzi Fleiszig

Michael Rosner ACO
Project: Role of Wnt5a in corneal lymphangiogenesis
Faculty Mentor: Lu Chen

Shivani Sharma, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Investigating Corneal Innervation in Aqueous-Deficient Dry Eye Using an Ex Vivo Co-Culture Model
Faculty Mentor: Nancy McNamara

Lily Wang, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Elucidating the Bioactions of a Novel Molecule – LTB6
Faculty Mentor: Karsten Gronert

Camille Weissenberg, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Hard Exudates Proximity to the Fovea for Priority Referral of CSME
Faculty Mentor: Jorge Cuadros

Jennifer Wong, Berkeley Optometry
Project:Induced Higher Order Aberrations Post-Refractive Surgery and Stereo Acuity
Faculty Mentors: Sangeetha Metlapally/Cliff Schor

Diane Yan, SCCO
Project: Tear Evaporation Rate of Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Contact Lens Wearer
Faculty Mentor: Meng Lin

Summer 2014

Angel Barajas, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Testability of the iExaminerTM as an EYE-xaminer
Faculty Mentor: Deborah Orel Bixler

Tran Bianconi, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Role of LTB6 in Corneal Wound Healing
Faculty Mentor: Karsten Gronert

Franklin Bui, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Binocular Vision and Visual Performances in Different Soft Contact Lens Designs in Young Adult Myopes.
Faculty Mentor: Mariu Liu

Emily Eng, Berkeley Optometry
Project: The role of RPE derived BMP2 in Eye Growth Regulation
Faculty Mentor: Yan Zhang

Sandra Harpster, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Retrograde Axonal Tracing of DiI from Cornea to Trigeminal Ganglion in Aire-/- mice
Faculty Mentor: Nancy A. McNamara

Sirena Huang, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Evaluating the Accuracy & Repeatability of Refraction Techniques in Different Multifocal Lens Designs for Myopia Control
Faculty Mentor: Christine Wildsoet

Annie Lee, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Tear Mixing Properties with Silicone Hydrogen Contact Lenses
Faculty Mentor: Meng C. Lin

Ryan Martinez, Southern California College of Optometry
Project: Examining the Ocular Surface Microbiome
Faculty Mentor: Suzanne Fleiszig

Alina Pecko, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Optimization Methods for Protein Quantification – Role of Scleral mi-RNAs in Matrix Remodeling
Faculty Mentor: Ravi Metlapally

Ka Yee So (CAN), Berkeley Optometry
Project: Interocular Acuity Differences and How They Alter the Spatial Frequency Tuning of Stereopsis
Faculty Mentor: Dennis Levi

Steven Turpin, Pacific University College of Optometry
Project: Validation of Confidence Levels for a Cell Phone-Based Refractor (NETRA-G)
Faculty Mentor: Jorge Cuadros

Karen Wong, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Contextual Processing modulates Hemispheric Differences in Visual Perceptual Selection
Faculty Mentor: Michael Silver

Tiffany Yu, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Cross-correlation as a Model of Depth Perception in Keratoconic Patients
Faculty Mentor: Sangeetha Metlapally

Summer 2013

Christina Belter, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Characterizing the Anterior Ocular Surface using the Visante OCT
Faculty Mentor: Maria Liu

Carol Chang, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Aniseikonia in Keratoconics
Faculty Mentor: Clifton Schor

Krystal Chee, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Detecting Glaucoma using Matched Flicker Technology versus Side-by-Side Comparison
Faculty Mentor: Jorge Cuadros

Stephanie Jian, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Pediatric Visual Acuity: the Pacific Acuity Test vs. Lea Symbols/Chart
Faculty Mentor: Deborah Orel-Bixler

Lindsey Kennedy, Southern California College of Optometry
Project: Cytokeratins Mediate Epithelial Innate Defense Through Their Antimicrobial Properties
Faculty Mentor: Connie Tam and Suzanne Fleiszig

Lindsey Kuehl, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Corneal Epithelial Nerve Patterns in the Dry Eye Mouse Model and Patients with Sjogrens Syndrome
Faculty Mentor: Nancy A. McNamara

Jill Lobingier, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Video Games as Treatment for Amblyopia: Neuroplasticity Beyond the Critical Period
Faculty Mentor: Dennis Levi

Stephanie Loftus, Southern California College of Optometry
Project: Contrast, Duration and Crowding
Faculty Mentor: Susana Chung

Erica Perlman-Hensen, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Lipid Mediators and Ocular Immune Health
Faculty Mentor: Karsten Gronert

Tracy Wang, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Sex and Age Correlations with Normal Retinal Thickness Measurements
Faculty Mentor: Marcus Bearse

Arie Wong, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Enhanced S-Cone Syndrome (ESCS) and Potentially Enhanced Spatial Resolution and Visual Acuity
Faculty Mentor: Austin Roorda

Britney Kitamata-Wong, Berkeley Optometry
Project: Effects of Multi-Purpose Lens Care Solutions on Corneal Epithelial Permeability and Tear Film Stability
Faculty Mentor: Meng C. Lin