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A town in Norway in the summer.
Building interior from Norway.
Two female students examining a young woman.
Optic lab in Norway.
Three students having lunch outside in Norway.
Lene, Sara, and Maren with lab members in the lab.

My Optometry Internship Abroad: A USN-UCB Vision Research Collaboration

MyOpIA represents a collaboration between the Kongsberg Optometry Program in University College of Southeast Norway (USN) and UC Berkeley (UCB) School of Optometry. It is a relatively new summer research training program, which ran as a 2-year pilot program from 2017-2018. Note that it will not be offered in 2019 (see comment in How to Apply section below).

The goal of this program is to introduce students to clinical and/or translational research. Through an 8-week research internship, students can expect to be engaged in hands-on research related to myopia and refractive error development, backed by research-related training through face-to-face and on-line seminars/workshops, as well as to be exposed to the similarities and differences in the scope of optometric training and practice, and cultural differences between the US and their host country of Norway. The longer term goal is to encourage students to pursue advanced research training and/or involvement in research as a career goal after completing their professional training. Some participants may also have opportunity to co-author publications or present their work at the American Academy of Optometry or other scientific meetings.


Funding is available for 2 students undergoing graduate training towards their OD degrees. The program requires a full-time 8 week commitment during the summer, 2 of which will be spent at UC Berkeley and 6 weeks of which will be spent with our Norway partner program in Kongsberg. Successful applicants will receive 10,000 Norwegian Kroner (NOK) towards travel costs (economy), NOK 5,000 towards accommodation and NOK 7,500 as a stipend.

Should You Apply?

If you are first year Berkeley Optometry student, with a potential interest in research (especially myopia-related), and an urge to travel, you are strongly encouraged to apply. This summer research exchange program is an ideal opportunity for you to determine whether research is for you and if you have never travelled outside the US, it is your opportunity to experience what it is like to be a foreigner/minority and develop, at a personal level, cultural awareness and sensitivities. This program also represents an opportunity to gain an international perspective on Optometric practice and to establish long lasting international connections to potential future colleagues.

How to Apply

Not Currently Being Offered

The MyOPiA program will not be offered this year. It was a 2-year pilot program and we are waiting on news as to whether the Norwegian government will open up applications for a longer program. For questions, please check with Dr. Wildsoet at the telephone or email address provided below under Contacts.

The MyOpIA Summer Research Program Application Form is available in two formats for downloading. Select the preferred format, complete the form, save the form with your last name included in the file name (e.g., Smith_MyOpIASum_applic-form-berkeley.pdf) and email it as an attachment to Dr. Christine Wildsoet at the address listed below under contacts.

[icon name="info-circle"] Please note that you should include your resume (500 words or less) within the resume field on the form (i.e., do not mail a separate resume).

PDF Application Form
Text Application Form


Berkeley-Norway MyOpIA Summer Research Partnership Program

c/o Christine Wildsoet, OD, PhD
588 Minor Hall, School of Optometry,
University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-2020