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Professional Student Support Fund Awards

Aerial view of Minor Hall at UC Berkeley.
Congratulations to our 2023–2024 awardees!

The Scholarship and Awards Committee has announced the recipients for the Professional Student Support Fund (PSSFs) awards. This year, 152 PSSF scholarships were awarded totaling $182,400 in scholarships which will be used to assist students with their tuition and fees.

Over $150,000 is awarded annually through PSSF scholarships. These awards, available to continuing students, are made possible through the generosity of faculty and alumni of the school. Thank you to the Scholarships and Awards Committee, led by Dr. Vikki Yu, as well as to the donors who donated to these scholarship funds.

Congratulations everyone! See the full list of awardees below.

2023–2024 Professional Student Support Fund Awards

First NameLast NameClassPSSF Award Name
AhmadAhmadzada2024George L. Schneider Memorial
CharlesAng2024Morton D. and Donald S. Sarver
AudreyCarmona2024Dr. John R. and Norma M. Austin
AmyChen2024Michael G. Harris Professional Student
Jun WingChen2024Jimmy and Lillian Low
MarandaDecierdo2024Class of 2010
NatalieFetchen2024Jimmy and Lillian Low
DanielGolden2024Winston Neilson Scholarship
ShireenHaghshenas2024Dr. Joseph Singer '38 Memorial
AshleyHan2024Curtis W. Keswick VA Res LV
RebeccaHarbert2024Winston Neilson Scholarship
ZhilinHuang2024Curtis W. Keswick VA Res LV
SeanKao2024Class of 2011
IsabelKazour2024Class of 1986
YvetteLakkis2024UC Opt Alumni Ocular Disease
JenniferLam2024Class of 2009
TylerLebel2024George Lee - Ophthalmic Optics
DianeLee2024Class of 2011
SaraLeung2024Jimmy and Lillian Low
SavanahLitton2024Jimmy and Lillian Low
FayLiu2024Class of 1971
HaominMai2024Elizabeth Grenier Smider Memorial
AlexisMeyer2024Bernhardt N. / Lawrence S. Thal
LoganneMikkelsen2024Class of 2013
AlejandraMorales2024Class of 2008
VanessaMorales2024Robert and Jeanene Greer
EloisaMorfin2024Tony and Elna Adams
VivianNguyen2024Class of 2011
GenevaNguyen2024Class of 1983
VivianPham2024Jimmy and Lillian Low
MelissaRezk2024Class of 2013
EstherSherbak2024Contact Lens Clinic Faculty
HelenTasho2024Class of 2013
TinaTran2024Jimmy and Lillian Low
MinetteTsang2024Cheslyn Gan and Linda Cushing
AimeeVo2024George L. Schneider Memorial
BaoChauVu2024Karen Walker-Brandreth Excellence in Optometry
ShengYeh2024Dr. Robert W. Lester
ChloeYeung2024Carl Moore Contact Lens
HanaAlsoudi2025Dr. Joseph Singer '38 Memorial
SimraAnwar2025Berkeley Class of 2015
JulienBelen2025Greenwood Family
SerenaBhadsavle2025Jimmy and Lillian Low
EmilyBui2025Drs. Stephen R. and Doris S. Chun
AllissaChang2025Winston Neilson Scholarship
LilianaChavez2025Jorge Cuadros Community Opt
AthenaChen2025Jimmy and Lillian Low
NicoleCho2025Prof Fatt Grad student Support
GonzaloChocano2025Class of 2012
AnnieDuong2025Winston Neilson Scholarship
ShailaEmani2025Class of 2012
KadeijaFrelix2025Dr. Joseph Singer '38 Memorial
CamiloGarcia Jr.2025Dr. Joseph Singer '38 Memorial
IsabelGroth2025Jimmy and Lillian Low
AustinHirmiz2025Class of 1999
JenniferHwang2025Pamela Fong and Family Support Fund
JordanKennedy2025Class of 2012
VivianKim2025Jimmy and Lillian Low
LaurenKing2025George L. Schneider Memorial
BhavnaKodira2025Dr. Joseph Singer '38 Memorial
JamieLam2025William J Burlington Memorial Scholarship
TiffanyLau2025George L. Schneider Memorial
DeniseLemke2025Class of 2012
JenniferLiang2025Jimmy and Lillian Low
HannahLiu2025Berkeley Class of 2015
LandenLongson2025Dennis and Marilyn Levi
JoannaLopez2025Jeffrey and Cynthia Ko Family
KyroloseMetreus2025Dr. Joseph Singer '38 Memorial
Chiara MiaMiranda2025Jimmy and Lillian Low
AlisaMolina2025Prof Fatt Grad student Support
BhavjotNanda2025Class of 2012
AdrienneNgo2025Jimmy and Lillian Low
SidneyNguyen2025Ko Clinic/UC Optometry Alumni
TanyaNguyen2025Prof Fatt Grad student Support
MichaelNguyen2025Winston Neilson Scholarship
ThuVanNguyen2025Winston Neilson Scholarship
SvetlanaNunez Flores2025Jimmy and Lillian Low
EvanOberster2025Pamela Fong and Family Support Fund
NathanOkano2025Jimmy and Lillian Low
IselaOrozco2025Myrna, Maricela and Javier Flores
NavjotPannu2025George L. Schneider Memorial
CeciliaPerlas Hu2025Dr. Joseph Singer '38 Memorial
MeganSajer2025Winston Neilson Scholarship
DrewSalmon2025Bernhardt N. / Lawrence S. Thal
SimranSarai2025Michael G. Harris - Leadership
KeeritSekhon2025Class of 2012
JoannaSugimoto2025Dorothy Bates Searls Endowed
IsabellaTerry2025Class of 1975
JasonThai2025Berkeley Class of 2016
CindyTieu2025George L. Schneider Memorial
BaldemarTorres2025Keith Young Memorial Award
EvanToy2025Dr. Joseph Singer '38 Memorial
EricaTsung2025George L. Schneider Memorial
KeithUyemura2025Jimmy and Lillian Low
SteveVan Grouw2025George L. Schneider Memorial
Tenia (Clara)Wang2025Dennis and Marilyn Levi
InaWang2025Jimmy and Lillian Low
JessicaWang2025A. Lee Scaief/UC Opt Alumni
FarayhaZaidi2025Ming Pow Low
FabiolaZaragoza2025Ming Pow Low
JessicaZhang2025Jimmy and Lillian Low
AmyZheng2025Michael G. Harris Family
AmyAhn2026Winston Neilson Scholarship
AnaAlcaraz2026Rupert E. Flower Scholarship
Victor-MichaelCairel2026Prof Fatt Grad Student Support
JoselyneCalvillo2026Dr. Raymond L. Eng Family
EmmaChu2026William J Burlington Memorial Scholarship
KatherineCrawford2026Peng Family/UCBSO Alumni Assoc
AnqiDeng2026Prof Fatt Grad Student Support
RaveenaDhiman2026Rupert E. Flower Scholarship
Jeremiah SethEvasco2026Dr. John R. and Norma M. Austin
PeterHanna2026Dr. John R. and Norma M. Austin
TrangHoang2026Dr. John R. and Norma M. Austin
MichaelHuang2026Winston Neilson Scholarship
GraceHuh2026Winston Neilson Scholarship
SamanthaIto2026Winston Neilson Scholarship
LorenIwasaki2026Dr. John R. and Norma M. Austin
TaeaJackson2026Berkeley Class of 2014
AshleyKawakubo2026Dr. John R. and Norma M. Austin
AmiKshatriya2026Dr. John R. and Norma M. Austin
VickieKuo2026William J Burlington Memorial Scholarship
CatrinaLam2026Prof Fatt Grad Student Support
AndersonLao2026Dennis, Marilyn and Roni Levi Family Award
HanaLe2026Dorothy Bates Searls Endowed
KaitlynLee2026Prof Fatt Grad Student Support
NastasyaLiem2026Prof Fatt Grad Student Support
NatashaMartinez2026Meredith Whiteside / Van Sluyters
DeepaliMittal2026Dr. Raymond L. Eng Family
Hye KyungMoon2026Pamela Fong and Family Support Fund
AlexiaMovsessian2026Dr. John R. and Norma M. Austin
MuhammadMuhanna2026Prof Fatt Grad Student Support
PeterNamgoong2026Pamela Fong and Family Support Fund
MaiNguyen2026Rupert E. Flower Scholarship
TracyNguyen2026Rupert E. Flower Scholarship
JanviPatel2026Kung Family
ImanRodriguez-Verdel2026Dr. John R. and Norma M. Austin
KimiaSafavi Naini2026Dr. John R. and Norma M. Austin
LindseySano2026Dorothy Bates Searls Endowed PSSF
NourSarsangi2026Berkeley Class of 2014
DanielleSmerdon2026Prof Fatt Grad Student Support
Ziwei (Kitty)Sun2026Dr. John R. and Norma M. Austin
ErwinSunga2026Teresa Wu and Family
SusannaTan2026Winston Neilson Scholarship
LisaTang2026Winston Neilson Scholarship
AlinTorosian2026Teresa Wu and Family
JocelynTzeng2026Teresa Wu and Family
MollyVang2026Prof Fatt Grad Student Support
AlixWestgaard2026Winston Neilson Scholarship
BrianaYik2026Prof Fatt Grad Student Support
CatherineYin2026Winston Neilson Scholarship
RachelYoo2026Dr. John R. and Norma M. Austin