Yue (Maria) Liu, OD, PhD

Associate Professor of Clinical Optometry and Vision Science

School of Optometry

Research Area
Clinical Science

519 Minor Hall
Berkeley, CA


(510) 642-1457


Head, Myopia Control Clinic, UCB Meredith Morgan Eye Clinic


OPT213: Evidence-based Optometry


This course covers (i) basic concepts of evidence-based medical practice with special reference to eye and/or vision care, (ii) fundamental biostatistics and epidemiological study designs with the focus on the concepts essential to understand the quality of evidence, (iii) strength of evidence on disease diagnosis, prognosis, therapy, and risk, (iv) resources to identify current best evidence.

Optometry 226A & B. General and Ocular Pharmacology

Contributing Instructor

Basic pharmacology, terminology, and concepts (both pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic) and pharmacotheraphy of medical conditions commonly encountered in clinical optometric practice (including cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, infection and inflammatory conditions, as well as central nervous system disorders).

Vision Science 206C. Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye and Visual System

Contributing Instructor

Problem-based learning approach using clinical case examples (continuation of 206A-206B).

Myopia Control Clinic

Direct patient care and supervising OD residents in optometric care of children and young adults with progressive or high myopia. In addition to providing conventional glasses for clear vision, more importantly our services include options for controlling the progression of myopia. These options are likely to benefit most those with early onset, i.e., whose nearsightedness developed before the age of 10 years, and/or fast-progressing myopes who are at greatest risk of becoming high myopes. A positive family history of high myopia represents another risk factor.

Research Interests

Optical Control of Myopia Progression

The emphasis of my research has been on the investigation of optical influences on emmetropization and the development of myopia. Using chicken as a model, I have identified a number of optical designs that significantly inhibit myopia progression, thus have potential translational value in controlling human myopia. Additionally, I have been designing and fitting contact lenses to young guinea pig cornea to evaluate the safety, feasibility and effectiveness of contact lenses as a method of inducing defocus for myopia research in mammalian models.

Selected Publications

Y Zhang, Y Liu, C Ho, CF Wildsoet. Effects of imposed defocus of opposite sign on temporal gene expression patterns of BMP4 and BMP7 in chick RPE. Experimental Eye Research (2013), Apr; 109:98–106. Paper.

Y Liu and C.F. Wildsoet. The effective add inherent in 2-zone negative lenses inhibits eye growth in young chicks. IOVS 2012, Jul;53(8):5085-93

Y Zhang, Y Liu, and C.F. Wildsoet. Bidirectional, Optical Sign-Dependent Regulation of BMP2 Gene Expression in Chick Retinal Pigment Epithelium. IOVS 2012, Sep; 53(10): 6072-80

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I Vedamurthy, WW Harrison, Y Liu, I Cox, and CM Schor. The influence of first near-spectacle reading correction on accommodation and its interaction with convergence. IOVS. 2009, Sep;50(9):4215-22

Conference abstracts
Y Liu, Z Chen, and CF. Wildsoet. A study of the feasibility of fitting custom designed contact lenses to guinea pigs, guided by AS-OCT imaging and corneal topography. Accepted as ARVO 2013 poster presentation

Y Liu and A Smith. Anterior OCT guided mini-scleral contact lens fitting in extremely difficult cases. Accepted for the 13th International Congress of Ophthalmology and Optometry as paper presentation

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J Xun, Y Liu and CF. Wildsoet. The effect of optic nerve section (ONS) on the yoking of atropine inhibition of lens-induced myopia in chicks. ARVO Abstract. 2010, #3677 (poster).

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Y Liu and C.F. Wildsoet. The effect of optical interventions in myopia control. A systematic review. IMC, 2008.

Y Liu, J Hsieh, and C.F. Wildsoet. The effect of Orthokeratology on peripheral refraction. ARVO Abstract. 2008, Poster # 2604.

C.F. Wildsoet, and Y Liu. Effect of defocusing lenses on peripheral refractions and eye shape in young chicks. ARVO Abstract. 2008, Paper presentation # 3714.

Y Liu, J Hsieh, and C.F. Wildsoet. A study of the repeatability of peripheral refraction measurements and the effects of spherical soft contact lens wear (SSCL). ARVO Abstract. 2007, Poster # 1018.