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Wayne A. Verdon, OD, PhD, FAAO

Wayne Verdon.

Professor of Clinical Optometry and Vision Science

School of Optometry

Research Area
Clinical Science



Chief, Vision Functions Clinic


Optometry 256. Diagnosis and Treatment of Posterior Segment Ocular Disease
Pathophysiology, pharmacotherapy, and clinical management of systemic and ocular diseases through a combination of lecture and problem-based learning approaches; disease processes, including cellular injury and repair, inflammation, infection, degeneration, and neoplasia; neurologic, cardiovascular, endocrine, pulmonary, and congenital disease and their relative ocular manifestations; basic principles of pharmacology with overviews of drugs used to treat diseases of each system; the role of the optometrist in the health care system.

Vision Science 204. Visual Perception and Sensitivity
Psychophysical basis for clinical tests in acuity, perimetry, and color vision; the visual stimulus and photometry; visual receptors; psychophysical method and visual threshold’ light sensitivity; contrast sensitivity’ light and dark adaptation; temporal and spatial properties of visual function; color vision and abnormalities; changes with age and disease; visual illusion; basis for advanced diagnostic procedures.

Optometry 441A-C. Specialty Clinics
Examination, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and management of patients in Primary Care Clinic.

Research Interests

Clinical electrophysiology (ERG, EOG, VEP) of normal vision, and of inherited and acquired retinal disease; mechanisms of color vision in normal and color defective eyes; development of new techniques of clinical electrophysiology