John Corzine, OD, FAAO

Clinical Professor

School of Optometry



Graduate Adviser


Optometry 200A. Clinical Examination of the Visual System


Fundamentals of the optometric examination. Case history, visual acuities, objective and subjective methods of determining refractive status. Basic examination of anterior ocular structures and the ocular fundus; perimetry.

Optometry 200B. Clinical Examination of the Visual System

Laboratory Co-Instructor

Classification and epidemiology of refractive errors, evaluation of accommodative and binocular status. Tonometry, advanced techniques of examining the posterior pole, evaluation of visual pathway function.

Optometry 260A. Contact Lenses: Examination of the Contact Lens Patient


The physiological basis for fitting contact lenses; effects of a contact lens on the tears, lids, and cornea; examination procedures and instrumentation used in monitoring the ocular response to contact lenses; contact lens inspection, care, and handling.

Optometry 441A-C. Specialty Clinics

Clinical Faculty

Examination, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and management of patients in Contact Lens Clinic.

Research Interests

Application of corneal topography to contact lens fitting; Understanding the mechanics of rigid contact lens flexure.

Selected Publications

Klein SA, Corzine JC, Kung J. Corneal topography volume maps for predicting rigid contact lens centration and motion. Vision Science and its Applications, Vol. 1, OSA Technical Digest Series (Optical Society of America, Washington DC, 1998): 216-218.

Corzine JC, Klein SA. Factors determining rigid contact lens flexure. Optom Vis Sci 1997; 74: 639-645.

Levy B, McNamara N, Corzine J, Abbott RL. Prospective trial of daily and extended wear disposable contact lenses. Cornea 1997; 16: 274-276.

Corzine JC, Greer RB, Bruess RD, Lee GK, Scaief AL. Effects of coatings on the fracture resistance of ophthalmic lenses. Optom Vis Sci 1996; 73: 8-15.