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Debora M. Lee Chen, OD, MPH, FAAO

Debora Lee.

Associate Professor of Clinical Optometry

School of Optometry & Vision Science



Associate Professor of Clinical Optometry
Co-Chief, Binocular Vision Clinic
Chief Mentor, Residency in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation
Berkeley Optometry Disability Officer


Optometry 240, Contributing Instructor and Optometry 240L, Lab co-instructor
Diagnosis and treatment of heterophoria, accommodative, vergence and oculomotor anomalies including sensory anomalies and amblyopia. Rationale and methods for treatment with lenses, prism, occlusion, and vision training. Design and implementation of treatment programs.

Optometry 241L, Lab Co-Instructor
Advanced diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of strabismus, neurologic oculomotor disorders, amblyopia, and other associated sensory anomalies. Assessment and management of developmental and acquired visual perceptual disorders in relationship to learning disabilities. Design and implementation of treatment programs

Optometry 430A, Contributing Instructor
Clinical practice in examination techniques and interpretation of clinical data. Primary care optometric exams.

Optometry 430B, Optometry Clinics
Examination of patients in a specialty setting: binocular vision, visual processing skills, and vision therapy and rehabilitation.
Optometry 441A-C. Specialty Clinics
Examination, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and/or management of patients in specialty clinics: binocular vision, visual processing skills, vision therapy and rehabilitation.

Research Interests

Binocular vision, pediatric/ children’s vision, amblyopia, strabismus, myopia control, traumatic brain injury, cerebral vision impairment, autism spectrum disorder and other neurodevelopmental conditions, vision-related learning disorders, community health, barriers to health/ eye care, school-based eye examinations.

Committee Activities

Berkeley Optometry Admission Committee
Clinical Curriculum and Instruction Committee
Berkeley Optometry Curriculum Committee
UC Berkeley Faculty Advisory Committee, Disabled Student’s Program