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Brian A. Barsky, PhD

Dr. Barsky.

Professor of Computer Science and Vision Science; Affiliate Professor of Optometry (Retired)

Computer Science

Research Area
Biomedical Optics; Computational Vision; Perception and Visual Cognition




Professor of Computer Science and Vision Science; Affiliate Professor of Optometry; Member of the Bioengineering Graduate Group


Corneal topography; Contact lens design and fabrication; Ocular image visualization; Blurring and deblurring; Vision realistic rendering; Vision correcting displays; Computational imaging; Computer graphics; Computer-aided geometric design and modeling; Computational photography

Prof. Barsky’s research interests include computational aesthetics, computational photography, methods for the design and fabrication of contact lenses, computer methods for optometry and ophthalmology, image synthesis, spline curve/surface representations, computer aided geometric design and modeling, CAD/CAM/CIM, interactive and realistic three-dimensional computer graphics, visualization in scientific computing, computer aided cornea modeling and visualization, videokeratography techniques, corneal topographic mapping, medical imaging, virtual environments for surgical simulation, and display technology.

Prof. Barsky’s research includes developing Vision-Realistic Rendering which uses three-dimensional rendering techniques for the computer generation of synthetic images to simulate the vision of specific individuals based on measuring the wavefront aberrations of their eyes. This led to developing a vision-correcting display to enable specific viewer to see it in sharp focus directly without using any corrective eyewear such as eyeglasses or contact lenses. This was selected by Scientific American as one of 2014’s ten “World Changing Ideas.”

Selected Publications

Brian A. Barsky, “Rendering Depth of Field,” in Entertainment Technology (ET) Summit, Montreal, 23-27 Sept. 2017.

Jinkyu Kim, Xuaner Zhang, Laura Waller, Brian A. Barsky, and Ren Ng, “Free Your Eyes: Retinal Image Deblurring Display with Enlarged Viewing Zone”, Poster 57, International Conference on Computational Photography 2016, Evanston, Illinois, 13-15 May 2016.

Barsky, Brian A. (2015) “An Overview of Vision Realistic Rendering and Vision Correcting Displays”, Society for Information Display, Display Week 2015, May 31 – June 5, 2015, San Jose, California.

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Barsky, Brian A.; Huang, Fu-Chung; Lanman, Douglas; Wetzstein, Gordon; and Raskar, Ramesh (2014) “Vision Correcting Displays Based on Inverse Blurring and Aberration Compensation”, Computer Vision — ECCV 2014 13th European Conference, Zurich, Switzerland, September 6-12, 2014, Proceedings , Tinne Tuytelaars, Bernt Schiel, Tomas Pajdla, and David Fleet (Eds.), Springer-Verlag, 2014.

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Che-Hua Yeh, Wai-Seng Ng, Brian A. Barsky, and Ming Ouhyoung, “An Esthetics Rule Based Ranking System for Amateur Photos”, SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Sketches, Yokohama, Japan, 16- 19 December 2009, Article 24, pp. 1-1.

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Antoine Curan, Mathias Brieu, Brian A. Barsky, Patrick Dubois, Jean-Francois Rouland, “Stress-Strain Corneal Study For Biomechanical Contribution To Model And Simulate Corneal Suturing”, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 6-10 May 2007. Abstract in Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, Vol. 48, 2007, Abstract 3523.

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