Alex Baker, OD

Alumni Board Member
Class of 2009

Alex Baker is a 2009 graduate of the UC Berkeley School of Optometry. He is a partner in a four-doctor practice in Davis, CA, Helmus + Baker Optometry, which provides general optometric care to their local community. Both he and his wife are undergraduate alumni of UC Davis and they have two energetic little girls.

While at Berkeley Optometry, Dr. Baker was a member of the Equipment Team and barely survived a period that included upgrading the Minor Hall Clinic with new flooring, replacing half of the clinic slit lamps and phoroptors, finally saying goodbye to the Greens’ phoroptors in the pre-clinic, a multitude of equipment donation pick-ups throughout California, and setting-up or expanding clinics in Sacramento, Merced, Atwater, and San Diego. Although the equipment work eventually came to an end in 2009, the anxiety nightmares involving an Ebay-obsessed Ed Revelli and three dozen non-calibrated manual keratometers that needed to be shipped yesterday to the buyer in South America persisted for several years thereafter.

Also while attending Berkeley, Dr. Baker managed to fill-in as the replacement first year class president, served on the Equipment Committee to facilitate the student equipment orders, worked part-time as an optician in the Eyewear Center, and was the student representative to the Bay Area Optometric Council and Alameda Contra Costa Counties Optometric Society. He even received the distinction of clinical honors, for which the rich reward was spending every single Saturday in contact lens clinic from August of 2007 through August of 2008. To any current or prospective optometry students reading this, he recommends you get involved in a multitude of activities and organizations while you’re in school, and enjoy every minute of it!