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The patient log sheets are utilized by the students and help us keep track of the number and type of exam encounters and diagnoses they see while at your externship. These log sheets are reviewed by the Accreditation Council of Optometric Education (ACOE) when they visit our school for their accreditation visit. Please help us review 4th year student patient log sheets.

The log sheets include the following information:

  • Attendance information
  • Didactic Components
  • Exam Type
  • Conditions Encountered

On a weekly basis for the patient log sheets, please review the student absences, the dicactic components, the number of patient encounters and diagnoses? Your review will help maintain the integrity of the data in the log sheets.

  • When a log is submitted by a student for signing, an email is sent out to the faculty instructor(s). Only one instructor has to sign off on the weekly logs. The email will have two buttons to approve or return the weekly log.
  • You can also sign weekly logs and view the status of logs by logging into Meditrek.
  • If there are any unsigned weekly logs which are ready to be signed, a link appears on your welcome page:

  • Following the link will bring you to a record selector listing the logs pending review.
  • Clicking “Review” will display the details of the weekly log, with options to sign off on the log or return the log to the student to make corrections.

  • To sign off on the log, you must select “Sign off”, then click “Submit”.

  • Here is the full log sheet which the student sees.