Pandemic: A Year in Photos

March 17, 2021 marks the anniversary of the day Berkeley Optometry went into full lockdown mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Classes were online, the clinic moved to emergency care only, and all non-clinical staff except for essential workers began working from home. The last year has challenged all of us in ways we could never have imagined. The members of Berkeley Optometry’s community demonstrated extraordinary resourcefulness, resilience and kindness. Our faculty and students have shown incredible flexibility and enthusiasm for delivering and receiving remote learning. Equally gratifying has been our clinical faculty, students, and staff response to the crisis. We continued to provide eye care for our community – an arrangement that not only served our own patients and clinical learners, but also played a role in the school’s mission to help reduce hospital emergency room visits relating to eye care during the COVID-19 crisis. The slideshow below demonstrates, in pictures, the resolve shown by our community throughout this crisis, and proves that together we will carry on and find ways to serve our students, our patients, and our alumni.

Big Give 2020 was a huge success, despite the fact that it happened just days after the initial order to shelter in place
Dr. Chris Wilmer demonstrates gratitude for Essilor, who donated much-needed PPE for our faculty, staff, and students
Class of 2024 virtual paint-and-sip night.
In support of the BLM movement, students fundraised for a $25,000 gift to the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI).
The Roorda Lab set up a virtual lab to allow members to run experiments (which run with four computers) entirely remotely. The only person in the lab is the subject, everyone else is in their office or at home. This image is a screen shot from a zoom video recording of one of their experiments in action. Kudos to Pavan Tiruveehula for the set up.
Congratulations class of 2020!
Clinic Crew masks up.
Class of 2023 offers thanks to their wonderful professors, mentors, and future colleagues.
Remote adaptive optics collab experiment with Tuten and Roorda labs via TeamViewer.
Vaccine rollout begins!
Within two weeks of the first shelter-in-place order, the clinic was able to offer the first Telehealth appointment.
Our Admissions team quickly shifted gears to begin offering virtual tours to prospective students.
PhD student Julie Self and friend doing VS. One of them finds the material very engaging.
Berkeley Optometry students made signs, joined marches, and expressed their support of BLM.
Opto-Camp was fully online -- and free! -- in 2020. 84 campers from across North America joined us for a two week session.
Primary Comprehensive Care Clinic docs and interns taking a short breather.
Pandemic era workstations with plexiglass dividers
Boss ladies of low vision!
Despite Optometry Meeting 2020 being cancelled, we were still able to host our first virtual UCB Quiz Bowl competition!
Summer clinic in the pre clinic.
Screening station outside of Minor Addition.
Screening station inside Minor Addition.
Dr. Mika Moy's home lecture set up.
PPE in place, Dr. Stephen Chun is ready to take care of patients.
Marlena Chu with Class of 2024.
Team BAVRD 2020 looking happy and sporty in their event T's.
Front desk staff: You are appreciated!
CRC, the research team that Zooms together, stays together.
Angelica Gonzalez demonstrates the contactless facial recognition temperature scanner that is a routine part of check-in for those with appointments and those working in the building.
RCLS, Dr. J speaking.
Binocular Vision Dynamic Duo Drs. Lee and Wu in the online CE studio.
Gizmos galore for Dr. Liu's online CE lecture.
We're pretty sure Dr. Morgan would have appreciated this customized Berkeley Optometry mask.