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Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award

Lawrence Man.
Congratulations Lawrence Man!

A message from Teresa Puthussery OD, PhD.

We are delighted to announce that Lawrence Man has been awarded the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) Award in the Vision Science Graduate Program for 2023. Lawrence was the senior GSI for VS206A (Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye, co-taught by Profs. Xiaohua Gong & Lu Chen) and VS206D (Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology of the Eye and Visual System, co-taught by Profs. John Flannery, Rowland Taylor, Michael Silver and Bruno Olshausen) in Fall 2023.

The instructors noted that “Lawrence showed initiative, creativity, and a commitment to teaching that went far beyond what is expected” and that “Lawrence deeply cared for the students’ learning process and was passionate about enhancing OD students’ education.”

Lawrence also received excellent ratings and high praise from his students. These student comments exemplify the positive impact he has had on these classes:

“Lawrence really went above and beyond for students, putting in many more hours than expected and cutting into his own work time in order to provide one on one help. He also wrote his own practice questions which really helped with studying.”

“He asked students for advice about the type of discussions that students appreciate and altered his teaching style to fit students’ needs. His patience and willingness to explain complex concepts in multiple ways were valuable, and I particularly appreciate how Lawrence stayed after class to answer questions.”

Lawrence will receive a cash prize of $500 and will be nominated for a campus-wide Outstanding GSI Award. Congrats Lawrence!