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Optometry Lecture at Homecoming

Berkeley Optometry professor Patsy Harvey will speak at this year’s Homecoming on Friday, October 20 at 10AM at 101 Doe Library. Her talk is titled, “Understanding Your Vision Problems: Truths and Misconceptions.”

People have developed explanations, myths, and superstitions about vision problems for millennia. This lecture will reveal the true causes of vision problems, answering such questions as, “Why am I nearsighted?” and “Why do my parents need reading glasses?” Other topics explored include: “Are carrots really good for my eyes?”; “Is it bad to read in the dark or sit too close to the television?”; and “Can eye exercises help my vision?”

About Dr. Harvey

Patsy L. Harvey ’79, O.D. ’81, M.P.H. ’83 Clinical Professor; School of OptometryPatsy L. Harvey received her O.D. and M.P.H. from UC Berkeley. She currently teaches at the School of Optometry, including courses on myths, mysteries, and discoveries in medicine; systemic diseases; vision impairments; and geriatrics.

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