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Nevin El-Nimri Wins Best Presentation at Academy Meeting

Berkeley Vision Science Phd student Nevin El-Nimri, whose presentation “Effect of Topical Latanoprost on Lamina Cribrosa and Sclera of Myopic Guinea Pigs,” was selected as the Best Student Scientific Presentation of the 2018 American Academy of Optometry annual meeting.

The focus of Nevin’s research for this presentation is to better understand the association between myopia and glaucoma and to examine the potential role of topical ocular hypotensive drugs (Latanoprost) for controlling myopia progression.

The competition for this special recognition included all scientific program papers and posters submitted by students. Members of the AAO Scientific Program Committee initially selected candidate presentations while reviewing the over 750 submissions received for the annual meeting. Selection was based upon novelty, scientific merit, and quality of writing. The final winner was selected during the annual meeting by the Scientific Program Committee based on the quality of the presentation. Judging criteria included presentation appearance, organization, delivery and exhibited knowledge.

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