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Martin Banks Receives Tillyer Award

Berkeley Optometry Professor Martin Banks has been awarded the 2018 Edgar D. Tillyer Award. The Tillyer Award is presented by the Optical Society of America to a person who has performed distinguished work in the field of vision, including — but not limited to — the optics, physiology, anatomy or psychology of the visual system.

The lab of Dr. Banks is particularly interested in determining how efficiently human observers utilize the available stimulus information while performing perceptual tasks and also in applying the results to emerging technologies such as virtual reality. His research involves three topics: (1) the use of motion and stereoscopic information to determine the spatial layout of the visible environment and one’s motion through that environment, (2) the combination of information from more than one sense modality (e.g., vision and touch), (3) the construction and evaluation of devices for creating useful virtual environments (e.g., vision, vestibular, and touch).

Banks Lab Website