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Mahsa Rivera Wins Student Innovator Award!

Mahsa Rivera.

Second year Optometry student Mahsa Rivera is the winner of this year’s Berkeley Optometry Student Innovator Award. Mahsa, whose innovative presentation is titled “Verify CLRx,” will receive a $5000 scholarship from VSP and The Rick Bay Foundation for Excellence in Eyecare Education. Congratulations Mahsa!

As described my Mahsa, “Verify CL Rx is an innovative, HIPAA-compliant online database, protecting the patient between the prescriber and seller interface. It algorithmically assigns a unique prescription number to each contact lens prescription for each patient. Like a unique SKU number, it is the only identification needed to provide to sellers when patients place a contact lens order. Improving the verification process, it allows for instant access to correct contact lens prescriptions, as well as keeping track of refills and expiration dates. This additionally addresses the mishaps with incorrect contact lens prescriptions being sold, fraudulent contact lenses being distributed, and eliminates the overselling of contact lenses before a prescription’s expiration. The Verify CL Rx database is the solution to the plaguing issue of poor verifications that have led to patient harm and numerous safety concerns.”