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We are currently unable to offer this course. We hope to offer it in the future, so please check this page again soon.

Berkeley Optometry is offering the following courses to satisfy the glaucoma certification requirements. These courses are in compliance with the glaucoma law SB 1406 for California optometrists. Details of the law are available at Optometry Laws & Regulations.

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Glaucoma Certification Requirements

[margin space="25"] [panel title="Requirements Based on Year of Graduation"]Before May 1, 2000
Required: 24-Hour Didactic
Required: 25 Patient Case Management Requirement
(This is a two-part requirement. One – online course; Two – in-person grand rounds. See below for more details)

Between May 1, 2000 and May 1, 2008
Required: 25 Patient Case Management Requirement

After May 1, 2008
No Further Coursework Required

Glaucoma Certification Frequently Asked Questions
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24-Hour Glaucoma Treatment Didactic Requirement

24-Hour Online Course

This video-based online glaucoma course is presented by renowned OD and MD speakers and covers detection, diagnosis, treatment, and management—plus six hours of cases. Refresher lectures with TPA CE credit for glaucoma-certified ODs and recent graduates. ODs seeking Glaucoma Certification may also use the hours for the CE requirement for licensure renewal. Course administered by UC Berkeley Extension.

[alert color="secondary" icon="calendar"]Course Dates: Ongoing[/alert] [alert icon="shopping-cart-sign"]Course Fee: $1,095[/alert] [button url=""]Register Online[/button] [margin space="50"]

25-Patient Case Management Requirement

The following 2 courses may be taken in either order. Taking both courses will fulfill the entire 25-patient requirement.

16-Hour Online Course

The video-based online course will provide over 50 glaucoma cases ranging from routine to complex. Fulfills 15 of the 25-patient requirement. Course administered by UC Berkeley Extension.

[alert color="secondary" icon="calendar"]Course Dates: Ongoing[/alert] [alert icon="shopping-cart-sign"]Course Fee: $650[/alert] [button url=""]Register Online[/button] [margin space="50"]

16-Hour Live Grand Rounds Course

At this time, The Meredith Morgan University Eye Center (Berkeley Optometry’s Clinic) does not offer a live grand rounds course. Please explore other schools that might offer this to fulfill the second portion of the 25-patient requirement.

[alert color="secondary" icon="calendar"]Course Dates: March 28-29, 2018 [/alert] [alert icon="shopping-cart-sign"]Course Fee: $995[/alert] [button url=""]Register Online[/button] [icon name="info-circle"] We will offering the 16-hour live grand rounds course in March 2018, but are still finalizing dates. Stay tuned! Please contact us if you would like to add your name to our list to be notified of future grand rounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about our Glaucoma Certification Courses.

[accordion header1="Go To FAQs" tab1="Will UC Berkeley offer a traditional, live CE program for the 24-hour course?
No, Berkeley will not have a live CE program for the 24-hour glaucoma course. It will be offered only as an online course.

Does the California State Board of Optometry accept online courses for CE?
Yes. California optometrists may use up to 20 online CE hours as part of their 50 hours needed for their 2-year licensing renewal. One hour online is equal to one hour live or in-person CE.

I took the 24-hour Glaucoma Course in 2001. Do I have to take the course again?
No, as long as you completed the course and passed the test, you do not need to repeat it. However, since it also can count as CE, you may want to retake it as a refresher course as well as an update course to learn about recent developments and advances in glaucoma diagnosis and treatment.

How long do I have to complete a course?
You have one year from the date of enrollment. You may review all course materials as many times as you wish during this period.

Who is required to take the 24-hour course for Glaucoma Certification?
If you graduated before May 1, 2000, and have not completed a 24-hour glaucoma course at a school of optometry in California, you will be required to take a 24-hour course and the subsequent 25-patient case management program for Glaucoma Certification. If you graduated after May 1, 2000 you may take the optional 24-hour course as a refresher.

Who is required to take the subsequent 25-patient case management requirement?
If you graduated before May 1, 2008, you will be required to complete the 25-patient case management requirement.

I am already Glaucoma-certified in California. Can I still take the 24-hour course just for CE?
Yes, participants already certified to treat glaucoma can take the 24-hour course, or the 16-hour case management course solely for the CE hours needed for license renewal. All online BOLD hours will be TPA CE hours. Optometrists who are already glaucoma-certified are encouraged to take the courses for CE credit as refresher and update glaucoma courses.

I am currently certified to treat glaucoma in a state outside of California. Would my glaucoma certification be recognized if I returned to practice in California?
There is no reciprocity or special out-of-state status or category for glaucoma certification in California. You will need to fulfill the appropriate requirements to practice optometry in California.

How can I learn more about the legislative process for glaucoma certification for optometrists?
Please go to to read about the process for SB 1406.

What if I have problems with the online program or registration?
You may call Berkeley Optometry Online Education at 510.642.9803, or email us at

What if I don't pass the exam at the end of the course?
If you do not pass the exam, you will be given the opportunity to retake the exam at no charge.

If I'm taking the 24-hour course just for CE, do I have to take the exam?
As you are taking the course for CE or for glaucoma certification, you must take and pass the multiple-choice exam at the end of each 8-hr segment, which is standard for online courses.

For glaucoma certification, do I have to complete the 24-hour course before I take the 16-hour case management course?
No, you are not required to take the 24-hr course first. However, because it provides essential information on diagnosis and treatment, it is highly recommended that the 24-hr course be taken before the 16-hr Case Management Course.

In addressing the case management requirement for glaucoma certification, can I take the Grand Rounds Course prior to the Case Management Course?
Absolutely. There is no requirement that these two courses be taken in any specific order.

What if I want to do the preceptorship program with MDs or Glaucoma Certified ODs?
You should contact the State Board ( directly in order to obtain the required forms necessary to substantiate satisfactory completion."]


If you have questions, or would like to be added to our email and/or mailing lists to receive information regarding the online Glaucoma Courses, please contact us at: 510.642.9803