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The Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Family Foundation has committed to contribute $50 Million to UC Berkeley’s School of Optometry and Vision Science. In honor of this transformational gift, which is the largest gift to any school of optometry in North America, the school will be re-named the Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry and Vision Science.
This gift is the cornerstone of a $100 million investment in the Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry and Vision Science over the next ten years. What does this gift mean for the School? See below for the areas of impact.

Future of Optometry

Elevating optometry as a key component of primary health care. The investment in Optometry and Vision Science at Berkeley addresses an imperative to train the next generation of optometrists to serve as leaders in the spectrum of primary health care.

  • Investment in New Vision Care and Educational Facilities.
  • Revitalize and Renew Minor Addition and Minor Hall including clinic renovation, the surgical center, student space, and labs at the Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry and Vision Science.
  • New, state of the art, simulation labs for clinical and surgical techniques.
  • Academy for Advanced Clinical Education, specializing in professional continuing education.
  • Endowed fellowships for O.D. students

Children’s Vision

Dedicated Children’s Vision and Pediatric Care Initiatives, both Global and Domestic. This investment in clinical training and research harnesses the knowledge and networks at Berkeley to deliver primary eye care, vision health and correction to both domestic and global communities.

  • Establishment of the Nicole Wertheim Chancellor’s Chair in Pediatric Optometry that will create a new faculty position with specialty expertise in children’s vision at the School.
  • Investment in Berkeley Vision CURE, a national and international initiative for children’s vision focusing on Children’s Uncorrected Refractive Error.
  • The Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry and Vision Science will play a key role in training the future pediatric optometry workforce that will establish new standards of care.
  • A showcase, integrated, model clinic for children’s vision. Our model clinic will include basic and advanced pediatric care and treatment, including Infant, Toddler and Children’s Clinics, Special Vision Assessment Clinic, , Binocular Vision Clinic, Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation, Children’s Concussion Clinic, Children’s Low Vision Clinic, Children’s Contact Lens Clinic, Myopia Management Clinic and Children’s Sports Vision Clinic.

Networks for the Future

Expanded Training and Patient Care Impact Through Academic Networks and Collaborations. This investment in collaborative networks will ensure expansion and integration of Berkeley Optometry throughout the UC system and beyond.

  • The Herbert Wertheim Centers of Excellence for Eyecare and Vision Health extend throughout the UC system.
  • Expansion of residency training program to deliver specialty care and training.
  • Collaborative research initiatives with UC campuses and other members of the Wertheim Family of Institutions.

Funding the Future of Vision Research

This investment will ensure that Berkeley Vision Science maintains its position as a world leading center of excellence in basic and translational vision research.

  • Endowed support for PhDs, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and staff scientists.
  • The Herbert Wertheim Chancellor’s Chair in Neuro-Optometry.
  • The Vision Science Institute, a new home for vision science at Berkeley.

Top Five Impacts

  1. New Optometry satellite campus for clinical teaching and professional/executive education.
  2. Children’s Vision initiatives.
  3. Two named Chancellor Chairs.
  4. Student scholarships, that will promote access and student debt reduction (OD and PhD). Preference will be given to Horatio Alger Scholars.
  5. Vision Science initiatives.