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A young boy getting fitted for contact lenses.
Supporting Our Vision for a Brighter Future

For the past 100 years, the Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry & Vision Science has been at the forefront of optometric education and vision research, shaping the future of eye care and vision research. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to clinical care have been the driving forces behind our journey.

As we look forward to the next century, we invite you to join us in our mission to build a brighter future for all.

Emeryville Satellite Campus Fund
Help create a new satellite campus in Emeryville, CA

We are building a new satellite campus in Emeryville, CA, which will operate under the umbrella of The Herbert Wertheim Centers of Excellence for Eye Care and Vision Health. Among other services, the new campus will feature a clinic that will deliver a model of pediatric eye care and vision health that encompasses everything from well-baby and toddler pediatric clinics to disease management, binocular vision, vision therapy, children’s contact lenses, special needs eye care, myopia control, and more.

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Support Our Scholarship Fund
Help Educate and Train Future Leaders of the Profession

Our scholarships support the next generation of optometrists, ensuring that the brightest minds have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

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Support Our Health Equity Fund
Vision Care That is Accessible to All

Through health equity initiatives, we strive to eliminate disparities in eye care and vision health, making quality care accessible to all.

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Support Our Children’s Vision Fund
So Every Child Sees, One School at a Time, One Child at a Time

With our children’s vision programs and our future-integrated Children’s Vision Clinic, we work tirelessly to give our youngest generation the gift of vision, a gift that can shape their future.

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Join us as we continue to educate, innovate, and make a profound impact on individuals’ lives. Together, we can ensure that the next century of the Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry & Vision Science shines even brighter, providing a legacy of vision, health equity, and opportunity for all.

We call on you to support our vision for a brighter future in this historic moment. Thank you for being part of our journey and for helping us create a brighter future for everyone.