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Dr. Wilmer

Dr. Christina Wilmer

Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
Clinic Director
Health Sciences Clinical Professor
Director Affiliated Residency Programs

Our new Emeryville Clinic will embody the innovative eye care that the Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry & Vision Science is known for. The emphasis on pediatric vision care will provide access to expert eye care from top notch doctors, residents and interns, for our youngest patients and their families. I am excited to welcome the Bay Area community to our newest clinic, and look forward to delivering the kind of world-class primary and specialty vision care that can improve the visual and functional lives of our patients.

Dr. Chen

Debora M. Lee Chen, OD, MPH, FAAO

Associate Professor of Clinical Optometry
Chief Mentor, Residency in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation
Co-Chief, Binocular Vision Clinic

What excites me about our new Center in Emeryville is the ability to truly approach children’s vision from an interdisciplinary, collaborative, and seamlessly integrated approach that puts the child first, and optometry and vision care as the “integrator.” We’ll be able to serve children’s vision needs from managing myopia control, pediatric (and adult) concussion and acquired brain injuries, sports vision enhancement, binocular vision disorders, vision related learning challenges, needs of special populations, and more; all within a few footsteps from one another.

We’ll be able to serve the patient, their families, and their support networks directly while simultaneously training our next generation of clinicians with this forward-thinking model of healthcare, using the latest technology.

Dr. Singh

Sarah Singh, OD, PhD, FAAO

Assistant Professor of Clinical Optometry & Vision Science

The Emeryville clinic offers an opportunity to leverage the diverse expertise of our faculty and their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care, the talent and empathy of our highly motivated student clinicians and staff, and the high-quality, evidence-based educational resources that the world expects of Berkeley, to create an exceptional experience for every child.

Dr. Shumaker

Jeremy Shumaker, OD

Chief, Sports Vision and Concussion Clinic
Assistant Clinical Professor

The new Emeryville vision center has the potential to provide the best pediatric eye care in the Bay Area and beyond, with state of the art facilities and technologies. I am most excited about being able to house our pediatric, sports vision, TBI, binocular vision, infant/toddler, and special visual assessment clinics all under one roof which will allow better communication and collaboration with colleagues.

Dr. Green

Harry M. Green, OD, PhD, FAAO

Director, UC Berkeley Digital Health
Chief of Telehealth Services
Associate Clinical Professor

The pandemic has drastically changed the need for and acceptance of Telehealth services. In addition to expanding our already extensive screening services, remote Urgent Care, and other Specialty Eyecare Services, the new Emeryville clinic will provide the space and centralization needed to provide robust Telehealth Eye Services.

Dr. Liu

Maria Liu, OD, PhD, MPH FAAO

Associate Professor of Clinical Optometry
Chief, Myopia Control Clinic

I am most excited about the Emeryville clinic for the potential to not only integrate cutting edge findings from translational research into patient management, but also the ability to incorporate data mining into our advanced EHR system so that we learn not only from published clinical studies, but also from our own real-world patient data to make sure we are providing the best possible treatments that are applicable to the immediate patient population we serve.

Dr. Taylor

W. Rowland Taylor, PhD

Professor of Optometry and Vision Science
Chair, Vision Science Graduate Program

I am very excited about our new clinic in Emeryville that will not only provide state-of-the-art pediatric eye care but has the potential to expand both basic and translational vision research opportunities for our large and diverse faculty within the Vision Science Graduate Group. Our Vision Science faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students will have the chance to collaborate with clinicians in the new center, to advance our knowledge-base and treatment strategies for childhood visual disorders, and thus improve outcomes for the next generation.

Dr. McNamara

Nancy McNamara, OD, PhD

Professor and Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs
Chief, UC Berkeley Sjogren’s Clinic
Co-Chief, UC Berkeley Dry Eye Clinic

The faculty and students at the Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry & Vision Science strive to provide the utmost in evidence based optometric care. As a leader in eye and vision research, our goal is to enhance eye care while reducing the burden of ocular disease and the debilitating consequences of vision loss. The Emeryville Clinic will house a new Clinical Research Center with state-of-the-art facilities that will allow our faculty to expand their research programs and the educational mission of Berkeley Optometry.

With the opening of the new Emeryville location, our faculty and students will be well positioned to accelerate the gathering and dissemination of scientific knowledge that is necessary to develop novel diagnostic tools, discover innovative therapies, and support our local communities in the delivery of affordable, high quality eyecare. I look forward to the important discoveries and scientific advances our faculty will provide as a result of the Emeryville Clinic Research Center.