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Donors who contribute $1,000 or more per year to Berkeley Optometry are automatically members of the Leadership Circle. This special philanthropic society includes benefits like:

  • Exclusive communications from Dean Flanagan and the School
  • Concierge service for school visits
  • Subscription to the award-winning Berkeley Optometry annual magazine
  • Invitations to Leadership Circle events and networking receptions
  • And all Charter Hill Society benefits

Why Join?

Donations make it possible for Berkeley Optometry to provide scholarships to 100% of all students, recruit world-class faculty, perform groundbreaking research, care for thousands of patients, and maintain our status as the number one school of optometry in the nation. Your gift will have a lasting impact.

Give today!

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 510.642.2622

Current Members

A huge thank you to our current Leadership Circle Members:

Dr. Aaron and Mrs Elena Adame
Dr. Deanna and Mr. Daniel Alexander
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Virginia Aller
Dr. Raymond Applegate
Dr. Michael Arao
Mrs. Norma Austin
Dr. Jeff and Dr. Alice Azus
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Lynda Baker
Dr. Erickson and Dr. Melissa Barnett
Dr. Michael Harris and Ms. Dawn Block
Dr. Abraham Bromberg
Dr. Thomas Callan
Dr. Jeffrey Calmere and Dr. Linda Hur-Calmere
Dr. Tony Chahine
Dr. Daphne Chan
Dr. Young Chao
Ms. Jo Ellen Chew
Dr. Leila Chow
Dr. Collin and Mrs. Lily Chu
Dr. Stephen and Dr. Doris Chun
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Ranjana Clark
Prof. Paul Clark and Ms. Debbie Myers
Dr. Karen Collom and Mr. R. K. Shitamoto
Mrs. Bonne and Mr. Henry Curtis-Leibee
Dr. Warren De Haan
Dr. Richard Leong and Dr. Davida Dong-Leong
Dr. Lee and Mrs. Terry Elliott
Dr. Charmaine Eng
Dr. Weylin Eng and Mrs. Roselyn Eng
Dr. Kristine Eng and Mr. Michael Smith
Dr. Emily Fisher-Gentry and Mr. Matt Gentry
Dean John Flanagan and Dr. Kathy Dumbleton
Dr. Pamela Fong
Dr. Daniel and Dr. Manyee Gee
Dr. David and Mrs. Sylvia Geffen
Mrs. Janet Golden
Dr. Lee Goldstein
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Sandra Grayson
Dr. Robert and Ms. Jeanene Greer
Dr. Karen Griffith
Dr. Haegerstrom-Portnoy and Mr. Portnoy
Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Carol Hall
Ms. Linda Harrison
Dr. Daniel Harvitt
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Diane Hinkley
Dr. Michelle and Mr. Christopher Hoff
Dr. Vicki Hughes
Dr. Elaine Jang
Dr. Tim and Mrs. Roseann Jankowski
Dr. Kuniyoshi Kanai
Professor Te King
Dr. Karen and Dr. Mel Kronick
Dr. Eleanor Kung
Dr. Justin Kwan
Dr. Manwai Lau
Dr. George Lee
Dr. Kristiana Lee
Dr. Dennis and Mrs. Marilyn Levi
Dr. Brian Levy
Dr. Yan Zhang and Professor Shaofan Li
Dr. Jonathan Loo
Dr. Edward Low
Dr. Jimmy Low
Dr. Deana Lum
Dr. Michael Matthews
Mr. Eilly and Ms. Susan Mautner
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Elizabeth Mebine
Dr. Bob and Dr. Rosie Melrose
Dr. Winson Ong
Dr. Deborah Orel-Bixler
Dr. Edgar Parker
Dr. Stanley Plecha
Dr. Leslie Poon
Ms. Marlene Poston Bell
Dr. Judy Prima
Dr. Jabina Ramde
Dr. David Redman
Dr. Lewis and Ms. Diane Reich
Dr. Edward Revelli
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Barbara Rocchi
Dr. John and Mrs. Susan Rosten
Dr. Namrata Saroj
Dr. Don and Mrs. Terry Sarver
Dr. Donald Schmidt and Mrs. Georgenia Schmidt
Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Susan Schwaderer
Dr. Ronald Seger
Dr. Leonard and Mrs. Gerry Shenkin
Dr. Rand Siekert
Dr. Rochelle Slamovich and Mr. Joel Blumenfeld
Dr. Marvin and Mrs. Mehrey Smotrich
Ms. Elaine Springer
Mr. Allan and Mrs. Margaret Steyer
Dr. Ernest and Mrs. Jenny Takahashi
Dr. Rowland Taylor and Dr. Teresa Puthussery
Dr. Larry and Mrs. Esther Thal
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Cristina Vanover
Dr. Karen Walker-Brandreth and Mr. Boris Debenko
Dr. Jeffrey Walline
Dr. Lesley and Dr. Mary Ann Walls
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Jessica Wang
Dr. Christine Wildsoet
Dr. Barney and Ms. Renee Wilson
Dr. Thomas Wing
Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Catherine Wong
Dr. Andrew and Dr. Karen Wong
Dr. Stanley and Dr. Lisa Woo
Dr. Jean Wrightnour-Lee
Dr. Teresa and Mr. Benson Wu
Dr. Yu-Tai Wu
Dr. Sinichi Yamade
Dr. David Yang and Dr. Sheri Yamanishi
Dr. Ping Ye and Mr. James Zhu
Dr. Steven Yoo