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Extraordinary Teaching in Extraordinary Times Award

Extraordinary-Teaching in Extraordinary Times Award recipient Dr. Kerri Yoshiyama, text reads: Congratulations!

This year, the Academic Senate’s Committee on Teaching awarded the Extraordinary Teaching in Extraordinary Times Award.

This awards program ran in lieu of the UC Berkeley Distinguished Teaching Award for this year only, and was intended to honor faculty, staff, and student instructors who in 2020 embraced the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and engaged in or supported excellent teaching. These instructors and staff used innovative methods and worked beyond their traditional roles to ensure that students remained engaged and supported, and were challenged to do meaningful work under extraordinary circumstances.

Dr. Kerri Yoshiyama has been selected as a recipient of this year’s Extraordinary Teaching in Extraordinary Times Award for her organization, implementation and leadership in the Remote Clinical Learning Series (RCLS) for our optometry interns within the 3rd and 4th year clinical training program. The success of the RCLS program would not have been possible without the collaboration of our entire community of Faculty, Residents and Students. The Extraordinary Teaching in Extraordinary Times Award will be featured at the Academic Senate’s Divisional Meeting on April 29, 2021.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Yoshiyama on this achievement, which demonstrates her commitment to students and to excellence in teaching, even in extraordinarily difficult circumstances.