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Dr. Hoffshire Publishes Book Chapter

Book Cover

On exploring the impact of sexual orientation on major/career selection.

Dr. Mike Hoffshire, Assistant Dean of Admissions & Student Affairs, recently published a chapter in the book Perspectives on Transforming Higher Education and the LGBTQIA Student Experience. Dr. Hoffshire’s chapter is titled “It’s Uncomfortable Being Closeted: Exploring the Impact of Sexual Orientation on Major/Career Selection.” Congrats Dr. Hoffshire! Read his abstract below.

Chapter Abstract

During career development, college students’ interests develop through taking part in coursework and employment based occupational exploration. It has been speculated that because sexual identity development and vocational identity development are active during the same phase of life, these processes might exert influence on each other. This chapter draws upon the perspectives of nine LGBQ+ students, ranging in age from 19 – 24 years old, who have earned between 67 – 130 credit hours that represent a wide variety of majors. Data analysis from the study produced a number of significant findings related to LGBQ+ students and their career development, including the impact their sexual orientation had on their major selection, the perception it would have on their future career, and how higher education career service departments and counselors could be better equipped to assist them.

Click the button below to view a PDF of Dr. Hoffshire’s chapter.

Chapter PDF

About the Book

The book “Perspectives on Transforming Higher Education and the LGBTQIA Student Experience” addresses the evolving needs of higher education institutions in accommodating LGBTQIA students. Despite a significant increase in their presence, many LGBTQIA students conceal their identities, with over half avoiding disclosure to faculty, staff, and peers. It explores the complex challenges faced by LGBTQIA students, considering factors like sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, ability, and socio-economic class.

The book aims to enlighten students, faculty, administrators, and policymakers, covering themes such as LGBTQIA student identity development, intersectionality, campus climate, and the impact of laws and policies. Additionally, it delves into often overlooked topics, including bisexuality, pansexuality, transgender and intersex experiences, challenges of asexuality, cross-border education, and the unique experiences of queer and trans students of color. The book also examines intersections with disability, religion, and differences between public and private institutions and 2-year and 4-year colleges.

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