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Dr. Hoff’s Article in Review of Optometric Business

Michelle Hoff.
“How Disruptive Innovation & Technology Can Change Patient Care & Profitability”

Associate Clinical Professor, Dr. Michelle Hoff has recently published in article in the online publication, Review of Optometric Business, with Assistant Clinical Professor, Dr. Isabel Kazemi. The article, titled: “How Disruptive Innovation & Technology Can Change Patient Care & Profitability” details the technological advancements that have transformed clinical optometry. See below for an excerpt from the article.

“In the past 20 years, technology has reshaped how we practice optometry.

Eyecare professionals who embrace technology and innovation increase access to eyecare and unlock the potential to elevate the patient experience.

Before we begin our journey to unlock your potential for increased patient care and profitability, we must define two concepts: disruptive innovation and technological advancement.

Disruptive innovation is making changes by integrating new technologies, streamlining processes and redefining how things are done, ultimately replacing existing modalities.

Technological advancement is a change in a product or service that is more precise and accurate, resulting in increased efficiency. Some technologies have been introduced into the eyecare space that have done this. Here are the details of how a suite of innovative instruments offered by Visionix can transform how practices can deliver an elevated patient care experience…”

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Review of Optometric Business