Coronavirus Updates

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UPDATED: MARCH 20th, 11:00AM

Eye Center Open for Essential Services Only

Due to the “Shelter at Home” directive, Berkeley Optometry is providing essential eyecare only. All classes and clinical teaching will be remote and online. We are continually monitoring the situation and reviewing clinic operations.

First Year OD Students

To further protect our community, all in-person classes have been moved to an online only format until the end of the Spring semester. Additionally, all in-person exams will be given online. In the unlikely event that we are able to resume in-person pre-clinic courses, they will be optional. We will continue to offer online resources for those who cannot return. In addition, the school has discussed the possibility of starting the 2nd Year Fall term up to 2 weeks early to provide additional pre-clinical training.

Second Year OD Students

Similar to the 1st years, all didactic and lab courses will continue in online format until the end of the Spring semester. In the unlikely event that we are able to resume in-person pre-clinic courses, they will be optional. Students who are unable to return (due to travel restrictions or extenuating circumstances with exceptional approval) will be excused without penalty. Our hope is that you will start summer clinic on May 24th.

Third Year OD Students

Clinic operations are unlikely to resume at a capacity sufficient to provide all 3rd years with learning opportunities before the end of the semester. You are therefore released from clinical attendance for the remainder of the semester. Should we be able to resume teaching clinics earlier than expected, clinic assignments will be made available to those who are able to return to campus. Those who cannot return, will be excused with no penalty. Didactic coursework will continue in online format. Case based online teaching will be offered daily following spring break.

Fourth Year OD Students

No additional clinic days will be required prior to graduation, except for 4th years that are on a special academic plan.
Case based, online, clinical education is being provided to daily. This will continue through the end of the Spring Semester.

Optometry Residents

Residents will continue to provide essential eye care services and to engage in academic work as scheduled and as determined by the Residency Director and Chief Mentor.  

Vision Science Students

Vision Science students will work with PIs to establish how to minimize on campus work and be remote as much as possible. GSIs should take direction from their instructor in charge. Classes will continue to be offered remotely.


Clinic staff will continue to support the reduced clinical operations as needed. Essential staff will continue to support the school’s operations as needed.


As of Tuesday March 17th, essential and urgent eye care will be provided by residents and clinic faculty at on and off campus clinics.