Myopia Management Academy Cancelled

We are disappointed to announce that the 2020 Myopia Management Academy will not be held. The campus has concluded that there is too great a risk, at this time, to the health of our attendees due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Full Refunds

Attendees that have already registered will receive a full refund. Refunds will happen automatically — you don’t have to do anything more to receive a refund. Please allow us two weeks to process your refund.

Expiring Licenses

We are aware that some of you were counting on CE credit from our offerings. The California State Board of Optometry is aware of the impact to in-person continuing education requirements due to coronavirus, and have communicated that they are “drafting language and consulting with Legal Counsel inside the Department of Consumer Affairs regarding emergency rulemaking….and are considering options, including the acceptance of increased self-study for the targeted and specific licensees who face renewal dates in the next six months.” We will monitor the situation and consider offering alternate forms of education once we understand what will be allowed and helpful. For more information, please contact the State Board directly via the link below.


We will miss you all at this year’s event, but we strongly believe that it is not in the public interest of our alumni, speakers and other attendees for the symposium to proceed. Although this is discouraging news, we feel that we all have to join together to protect the community and fight the spread of COVID-19.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions!


During this 14 credit-hour program, participants will have a comprehensive and systematic overview of the mechanisms and applications of myopia management options. An interactive and integrative clinical grand rounds will also be provided to allow practitioners to effectively apply knowledge learned from the didactic and clinical settings into real-life patient management. The program is taught by world-leading experts in both basic and clinical myopia research, who will present the latest evidence-based information on the clinical management of progressive myopia. The course provides a unique opportunity for anyone who is eager to get a full-scope understanding of myopia from bench to bedside.

2020 Academy Dates

[alert color="secondary" icon="info-circle"]April 25-26[/alert] [margin space="40"]


[icon name="map-marker"] Sessions will be held in Lecture Hall 489 in Minor Hall at the School of Optometry on the UC Berkeley Campus.

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Early Registration Discounted Price
March 1 to March 31: $1,800

Late Registration
April 1 to April 19: $2,000

Contact past the registration date."] [accordion header1="Cancellation Policy" tab1="Cancellation requests:
- All cancellations received by Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 11:59 pm are eligible for a full refund.
- Cancellations received by Saturday, April 11, 2020 at 11:59 pm are eligible for a 50% refund.
- No refunds after Saturday, April 11, 2020.
- All requests must be made in writing by email to"] [margin space="40"]


Registration for this program is now OPEN. Registration closes on April 19.
Contact [email email=""] [/email] past the registration date.

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CE Credits

14 CE hours are available for the full two day program and will be COPE approved.

[panel title="Daily CE Breakdown"]Day 1 (7 CE Hours)
Myopia Management

Day 2 (7 CE Hours)
Myopia Management[/panel] [margin space="40"]


Celia Gong, OD
Assistant Clinical Professor
UC Berkeley School of Optometry

Sarah Kochik, OD, Phd
Assistant Clinical Professor
UC Berkeley School of Optometry

Maria Liu, OD, PhD
Associate Professor of Clinical Optometry and Vision Science
UC Berkeley School of Optometry

Karen Molina, OD
Assistant Clinical Professor
UC Berkeley School of Optometry

Christine Wildsoet, OD, Phd
Professor of Optometry and Vision Science
UC Berkeley School of Optometry

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Program Outline

[panel title="Day 1: First Morning Session"] 2 CE Hours

Speakers: Dr. Maria Liu, Dr. Chris Wildsoet

Despite consistent evidence supporting the efficacy of myopia control, the majority of eye care practitioners do not routinely use myopia control in their clinical practice. This introduction will cover the foundation of myopia management from the perspective of experimental models, introduce the complex effect of the optical environment on eye growth and refractive development, and introduce clinical myopia research, including ongoing studies.[/panel] [panel title="Day 1: Second Morning Session"] 2 CE Hours

Speakers: Dr. Maria Liu, Dr. Sarah Kochik

This course will provide an overview of the evidence-based approach to myopia therapy in clinical practice, including a review of the safety and efficacy of current treatments, indications and considerations in patient selections for myopia management options, patient recruitment and marketing strategies, exam flows, necessary instrumentation, and patient educational materials.

Dr. Karen Molina

This course will provide an introduction to the use of multifocal contact lenses for myopia control and discuss available lens options, what add power to prescribe, whether to use GP or soft multifocal lenses, distance-center or near-center lenses, as well as MiSight lenses and the future of the patient/parent/doctor team approach to myopia control.[/panel] [panel title="Day 1: Afternoon Session"] 3 CE Hours

Speakers:Dr. Sarah Kochik

This course will cover the use of atropine for myopia control, including the recommended dosing strength and frequency and what we know from human clinical trials. Ongoing US clinical trials will be reviewed, and there will be a discussion about how early we should initiate atropine therapy (e.g. should we treat pre-myopes?). Finally, alternative pharmaceutical treatments that have been explored will be reviewed, including 7MX, caffeine, and alternative antimuscarinics (cyclopentolate, tropicamide).

Speakers: Dr. Maria Liu, Dr. Celia Gong

This course will begin with the basic principles in orthokeratology lens design. The differences in CRT vs VST designs will be reviewed, along with common pitfalls in conducting and interpreting topographical results in orthokeratology treatment. The key factors for initial lens parameter selection will be discussed along with trouble shooting tips from our clinical experience. In addition, we will share our exam flow and special testing for orthokeratology patients, when to washout of treatment, and optical principles behind lens designs for this purpose.

Speakers: All instructors

We will be fitting pre-selected patients into orthokeratology lenses and multifocal contact lenses.[/panel] [panel title="Day 2: Morning Session"] 4 CE Hours

Speakers: All instructors

During this session, myopia control clinic patients will be examined. Types of patients will include 1-day orthokeratology lens follow-ups, longer-term orthokeratology lens follow-ups, multifocal GP follow-ups, multifocal soft contact lens follow-ups and atropine follow-ups.

GRAND ROUNDS (2 hours)
Speakers: All instructors

A grand rounds session will explore unique cases from our clinical experience including consultations, patients with low myopia and low astigmatism, patients with moderate myopia and low astigmatism, very high myopia with retinal degeneration, progressive myopia with moderate to high astigmatism, early onset myopia without strong motivation for contact lens treatments, combinations of treatments, congenital and/or syndromic myopia, and monocular myopia control.[/panel] [panel title="Day 2: Afternoon Session"] 2 CE Hours

Speaker: Dr. Maria Liu

This workshop will be a continuation from the previous day’s fitting session. In this workshop, student volunteer patients will be fit with various lens designs and the subtle differences in lens fit will be explored.

Speaker: All speakers

The program will conclude with a moderated panel discussion about myopia clinical practice with an option for audience questions.
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Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions!

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Registration for this program is now OPEN. Registration closes on April 19.
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