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Immunizations Required

  • Berkeley Optometry minimum requirements on file
  • Fall 1, Fall 2, Spring 1 and Spring 2 students to obtain flu vaccine and provide documentation to Front Range.
  • Covid-19 vaccine and booster.
  • Negative Covid Test completed the week before start of the rotation.

Immunizations Records Submit to and Date:

  • Please provide flu documentation before start or rotation or in the case of Fall 1 session, during the rotation.
  • Provide negative Covid test within one week before start of the rotation.

Documentation Required

  • N/A.

Documentation Submit to and Date

  • N/A.


  • Please purchase black scrub top and black scrub bottoms for clinic attire.
  • Please obtain the following PPE: 2 surgical masks per day of your rotation.

Absence Policy

  • Students are allowed three (3) days off during the rotation if needed and will be expected to make up within the rotation.
  • Absences are to be entered into Meditrek.
  • Requests for days off must be approved by Dr. Perez via email at least 4 weeks prior.
  • If you are sick and need to call in, please inform Dr. Perez via email and cell phone.