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Clinic Location:

9515 W. Camelback RD, STE 110, Phoenix, AZ 85037
(623) 977-1655

Optometry Clinic Administrator: Roger Juarez, O.D.

Type of Practice: Primary Care, Cornea/Contact lens focus.


The Vision Center of West Phoenix has been part of our Arizona community for over 40 years and is focused on care that is innovative, caring and personalized. We care for patients of all ages, starting with our precious preschoolers to our treasured seniors. We believe teamwork is central to the practice of eye care. Our Doctors, Residents, Interns, and staff work closely together to understand the individual needs of every patient. Our services range from Vision Care, Contact Lenses, Emergency Medical Eyecare, Chronic Medical Eyecare, Telehealth services and specialty services like RGP fittings and myopia control.


  • Mix of patients from pre-school age to the elderly.
  • Primarily Phoenix and West Valley residents.
  • Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian and African population.

Educational Objectives:

  • Conduct Optometry vision care and contact lens services in a private practice setting.
  • Conduct Chronic, Acute, and Emergency Medical Eye care in a private practice setting.
  • Conduct an efficient assessment, evaluation and documentation of patient examination.
  • Conduct diagnosis and procedure coding.
  • Participate in seminars and case discussions.


  • 6 exam lanes fully equipped. 3/6 exam lanes have anterior segment slit lamp photography.
  • Anterior Segment and Posterior Segment OCT.
  • Fundus Photography with FAF.
  • Static and Kinetic VF.
  • Topography.
  • IOL Master for Cataract lens power determination.
  • NCT, Auto Refractor/Keratometer, Auto Lensometer.
  • B&L, Ciba, Cooper and Vistakon soft contact lens diagnostic sets available on site (daily, biweekly, monthly, SVD, Toric, MF, MF-Toric).
  • RGP 8-20mm fitting kits available on site.
  • Externship clinicians will be asked to bring their own diagnostic equipment and lenses.

Service Hours:

  • Tuesday 8-6; Wednesday 8-5; Thursday 8-5; Friday 8-5, Saturday 8-1.
  • Clinic closes daily from 12-1 to allow all staff approximately 1 hour lunch.
  • Orientation and Training will be held on the first few Mondays (8 am to 5 pm) at the practice. Please plan to attend.
  • Otherwise, Mondays can be used for professional development or travel.
  • Typically closed the last Saturday of each month.

Patient Services Provided:

  • Vision Care (Glasses and Contacts).
  • Medical Eyecare (Acute and Chronic).
  • Emergency Eyecare.
  • Telehealth Eyecare.
  • Patients are scheduled every 30-45 minutes, approximately 10-14 patients per day.
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