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8 weeks before you start

  • Background Check.
  • If you are attending Over 60s, Travis AFB or BOPC in your 4th year (and both rotations are within six months of each other), you may obtain your FBI and US Department of Justice background check You will select the Health Professional Background Check. Please list all counties that you have lived and worked in in the last seven years so that they can check all those counties. Please keep retain a copy of your results and also send a copy to Dr. Vikki Yu in Clinic Admin so that we can keep it on file for you. Please note that you cannot use a background check from for Alameda Health Systems. See bullet point below.
  • If you are attending Over 60s AND Alameda Health Systems (and both rotations are within six months of each other), please follow the fingerprinting instructions under Alameda Health Systems requirements. Background check results will be kept on file in Clinic Admin, but must be completed and on file SIX to EIGHT weeks before the start of either your Over 60s or AHS rotation.  (It is okay to use the background check if done for Alameda Health Systems, but the background check must be completed by the earlier of the two deadlines for AHS or Over 60s.) Please note that a background check done on will not be acceptable for Alameda Health Systems (must be done via Livescan per AHS requirements).
  • Please follow instructions for background check under Alameda Health Systems. If done through UCPD, the background check results will be kept on file in Clinic Admin. If done elsewhere, please be sure to obtain and keep a copy of the results.
    • Send the copy of your results to Dr. Whiteside ( who will submit it to Over 60/Life Long Medical Care credentialing.
    • An email from RightSignature will then be generated within 1-2 weeks of providing the background check results to Dr. Whiteside
      • RightSignature will ask you to submit proof of immunizations


8 weeks before you start

  • Immunizations/Documentation Required
  • Submit proof of immunizations through RightSignature. (It will be emailed to you.)
    • MMR – evidence of immunity (positive titer or vaccinations)
    • TB – evidence of annual TB screening in the form of:
      • One documented negative TB test (skin test, interferon gamma release assay (IGRA) (Quantiferon or T-Spot okay) done within 1 year of rotation start date. OR
      • Negative chest x-ray taken within the previous year if the student is TB skin test or IGRA positive.
    • Influenza – documentation of current season’s influenza vaccination
    • Covid vaccine and booster

Absence Policy

  • Students are subject to the Berkeley Optometry Absence policy.