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485 Route 1 South, Building A
Iselin, NJ 08830-3009
(732) 750-0400
FAX: (732) 750-1507

Alternate Location in New York:
20 East 46th Street
New York, NY 10017
(212) 353-0030
FAX: (212) 353-0083

Additional Locations:

217 Route 17 North,
Rochelle Park, NJ 07662
(201) 368-2444
FAX: (201) 368-0254

2200 Route 10 West Parsippany, NJ 07054
(973) 538-7400
FAX: (973) 538-3007

475 Prospect Avenue, West Orange, NJ 07052
(973) 325-6734
FAX: (973) 325-6738


Contact Person:
Natalie Nguyen, OD Phone: (973) 325-6734

Clinical Teaching Faculty: Natalie Nguyen, OD

Associate Optometrists:

Amanda Miskewicz Zastrow, OD
Carly Crapanzano, OD
Muhammad Shahbakht, OD
Kimberley Ovittore, OD
Sam Lee, OD

Type of Practice: OMNI Referral Center
Omni New Jersey is an Optometric Referral Center specializing in secondary and tertiary eye care. No primary care services are available. Multiple externs rotate through the Center from various schools and colleges of Optometry.
Because patients are seen by referral only, a wide variety of ocular conditions are seen.  Ophthalmologic sub-specialists on staff include cataract, refractive surgery, retina, cornea, pediatric, oculoplastic and glaucoma, and neuro-ophthalmology.


  • High-volume ocular disease, tertiary care environment – over 14,000 patient visits annually.

Prerequisites for Student Interns

  • Basic clinical competence.
  • Please see Externships Documentation and Immunization Requirements page for additional requirements.
  • Interns should be highly motivated to acquire knowledge in the diagnosis and management of ocular disease.

Patient Services Provided

  • Patients are diagnosed and treated at the Center and then referred back to the Doctor of Optometry for follow-up care.
  • Retina, cataract, glaucoma, refractive, plastics, neuro-ophthalmology, cornea, and pediatrics.
  • All of our offices have anywhere from 4-10 lanes, all with FA camera, OCT, HVF, Pach, Topo, Ascan (IOL master and Immersion). One office has a VEP and specular microscopy. Our cataract surgeon is now doing Femto laser-assisted cataract surgery, which the interns will get to see when observing him.

Educational Objectives

  • Externs participate in diagnostic evaluation of patients are are expected to develop appropriate management plans.
  • Applanation tonometry, slit lamp biomicrosopy, indirect ophthalmoscopy and gonioscopy are clinical skill used by externs.
  • Externs gain exposure to advanced diagnostic procedures including opthalmic ultrasound, automated perimetry, ophthamic photography, scanning laser ophthalmoscopy, conreal topography, ocular coherence topography (OCT) and other techniques.  No contact lens, VT or low vision services are provided.
  • Treatment and management of ocular disease.
  • The students are expected to observe cataract/glaucoma surgery, strabismus surgery, oculoplastic surgery, retina surgery, as well as Lasik.
  • There is retina conference with the Retinal Ophthalmologist every Monday. We also provide a student lecture series where each of the Optometry and Ophthalmology specialists lecture on a particular topic.

Student Responsibilities

  • Interns will spend one day each observing cataract surgery, refractive surgery, oculoplastic, strabismic and retina surgery. Student are expected to attend all lectures provided by the OD and MD staff throughout their rotation. Weekly retina conference is held with our retina specialist that interns must also attend.
  • There are five office locations: four in New Jersey and one in Manhattan. Interns will rotate through all offices.
  • Interns will examine patients and discuss treatment options.
  • Interns will be required to read extensively, and to develop a strong knowledge in the area of ocular pharmacology and its applications.  There are weekly retina conferences and other scheduled conferences on various ocular disease topics. In addition, the externs are welcome to attend any of the numerous continuing education seminars that Omni conducts for area optometrists.
  • Interns are also obligated to work two half-day Saturday post-ops.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Direct patient care and education of future optometrists
  • Please know that due to the many locations that you will rotate to, there are many providers at this site other than the clinical faculty person. You will be working with the clinical faculty person and the other providers in patient care.

College Affiliations

  • SUNY, The Ohio State, NECO, ICO, Midwestern, UMSL, Puerto Rico

Miscellaneous Information

  • Center hours are Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • The apartment is now located at 55 Linden Avenue, Elmwood Park, NJ  07404.  It’s location is easily accessible to all major highways to get to our four NJ office locations and a transit trains is a mile away to get to our NYC location.
  • Intern housing is available on a first-come, first-serve basis for all schools rotating through our practice.  It is a fully furnished apartment that sleeps five interns (three bedrooms total: two bedrooms with two twin beds each and one bedroom with one twin bed).  You only need to bring sheets and towels.  There is a large living room, dining room, kitchen and two bathrooms.  There is no laundry in the apartment, but a laundromat is less than a mile into town.  It is in a safe area with plenty of street parking and no parking permits are necessary.
  • For 2020-2021: the charge for the apartment is $150 (total per student – not per month) for cable/internet access and maintenance.  On your first day of rotating, please have the check available.  Apartment keys will be mailed to you close to your start date.
  • Effective May 2021, the housing cost will be as follows:

$300 – Rental fee for the duration of the rotation
$450 – Cleaning Fee Deposit, which will be used for weekly general clean-up at a rate of $25 ($300 per rotation). The remaining $150 are refundable provided the apartment is left clean, presentable, and without damage for the next group of rotating students.

$150 – Lost key deposit, refundable upon return of the key.

A check in the total amount of $900 payable must be received by the practice TWO (2) weeks prior to the start of rotation/ moving in. The checks must be send to:

OMNI Ophthalmic Management Consultants
485 Route 1 South, Building A,
Iselin, NJ 08830
Attn.: Comptroller

  • A car is required for the rotation.
OMNI Policies