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Kaiser Permanente Medical Center – Sacramento Area


Kaiser Point West
1650 Response Road
Sacramento, CA 95815-4807
(916) 614-4311

Kaiser Downtown Commons
501 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95184

Kaiser Rancho Cordova
10725 International Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Students will rotate to the three locations. Point West two days/week; Downtown Commons two to three days/week; Rancho Cordova one to two days/week.

Contact Person: Helen Zhou, O.D. , (916) 614-4310 or leave message at (916) 784-4185. Email communication preferred.

Clinical Teaching Faculty: Helen Zhou, O.D. Tiffany Phan, O.D. (, and Edwin Cook, O.D.
Type of Practice: HMO


  • Age range 4 to 95.
  • Approximately eight patients per day (range is five to ten patients per day).

Prerequisites for Student Interns

  • HBV, MMR, PPD, Varicella and CPR certification required. Proof of TB test within 3 months of start of rotation.
  • Clinic jacket and UC ID badge.
  • Bring your own Diagnostic lens set (20D, 90 or 78D and gonioscopy lens). Consider bringing your own BIO.
  • Please see Externships Documentation and Immunization Requirements page for additional requirements.

Patient Services Provided

  • General eye exams and contact lens exams and evaluations.
  • Scleral Lens clinic: Students will shadow and work with attending to get hands on experience. Once a month will be a full day of fittings, and throughout the month a few days of follow ups.
  • Low Vision clinic: Students will shadow one of the two low vision doctors. Occurs a couple of times during the rotation.

Educational Objectives

  • To improve the externs ability to integrate the classroom knowledge and clinical knowledge.

Student Responsibilities

  • To continue learning through interactions with attendings, educational materials, and patient encounters.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • To stimulate and encourage the externs to learn.
  • Guide students to efficient exams without compromising quality of care.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Bring reference materials.
  • As you will be going to three different locations in the Sacramento area, you will need a car.


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