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As an aid to helping Clinic Administration and the Externships Committee evaluate the quality of clinical education at our externships, we rely on feedback from our students. In addition to the usual faculty evaluations, we have two other measures by which to gather the information – the Patient Log Sheet and the Externship Survey.

The Externship Survey is a comprehensive survey of questions about the externship. It is available to you to complete at the end of your rotation via All 4th years are required to complete a Patient Log Sheet and an Externship Survey for each externship they attend. These Externship Surveys have been helpful to students in deciding on which externships they would like to attend.

4th Years will need to complete Patient Log Sheets for ALL externships or off-campus clinics (during In-House sessions) on a daily or weekly basis for each externship or off-campus clinic (during In-House sessions) that they attend even if it is for only one day. If the clinic is one where the information is ultimately not recorded on our campus Compulink EHR system, then log sheets should be completed. This is not an all-inclusive list, but in addition to all externship sites, patient log sheets are required for Alameda Health Systems (Eastmont and Hayward), West Oakland Health Center, UCSF-UCB Berkeley Outpatient Clinic, California School for the Blind, School Vision Screenings, UCSF Proctor Foundation, and Over 60s. The patient log sheet can be found when you log into Meditrek under “Access Non-scheduled forms” when logged in.