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To better evaluate the educational and clinical experience at an external rotation site and to gauge the individual extern’s patient exposure, good records are important. The Externship Patient Log Sheet is a summary sheet where you can log your patient encounters daily. The Patient Log Sheet can be found upon login at During or at the end of each day, simply enter a tally for absences, for the type of exam (comprehensive or limited/other); didactic education, additional entries should be entered for each of the patient’s diagnoses (conditions encountered pre-existing or newly diagnosed). As you enter in the actual number of encounters, you will see totals change in the right-hand columns.

Each condition seen and tallied can be pre-existing or newly diagnosed. For example: for Diabetes, please enter the number of patients seen with diabetes. If you see diabetic retinopathy, please enter that number in Periphery Vitreous/Retina row. For Other Ocular Dx, you can simply enter in the number and do not need to record what the diagnosis was. However, if you wish to do so, you may enter the diagnosis in the comment box at the bottom of the form.

In the comment box, you may also type in your concerns, other comments, or messages. In addition, you will enter any absence days at the top of the Patient Log Sheets.

All 4th years are required to complete a Patient Log Sheet for each externship they attend at the end of the session. The log sheet will be reviewed by the faculty at the site. Students must complete all patient log sheets in order to receive their final Meditrek evaluation and grade. Failure to complete them by the end of the session will result in a grade of Incomplete. Thank you for keeping thorough and accurate records.