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Immunizations Required

  • A physical and PPD test within 3 months of starting the rotation.
  • Additional documentation and immunization requirements for UCSF Proctor Foundation are found here. No proof of medical malpractice coverage needed.

Immunizations Records Submit to and Date:

  • Student must contact Dr. Lopez by email ( at least SIX weeks prior to the start of the rotation to allow time for credentialing and immunization requirements.

Documentation Required

You will receive an email directly from UCMe to upload required documents to their web portal. The documents will be most the up to date on the portal.

  • UC Student Applicant Form
  • UC Student Applicant Department Form
  • UC Student Research PI Agreement
  • UCSF Non-MD Packet (No proof of medical malpractice coverage needed.)
  • A photocopy of the student’s UC Berkeley ID
  • An up-to-date CV
  • Proof of Enrollment at UC Berkeley
    • Either a “Proof of Enrollment document for Admissions and Student Affairs Office
    • Or a list of classes the student is taking that semester.

Documentation Submit to and Date

  • Due SIX weeks prior to the start of the rotation. Please send documents to Dr. Sarah Lopez, F.I. Proctor Foundation, UCSF, 490 Illinois Street, San Francisco, CA  94158,

Absence Policy

  • Any leave must be requested at least one (1) month in advance of desired day off and be pre-approved by Dr. Lopez. Requested leave will be granted only at the discretion of Dr. Lopez. Personal leave is not granted during your fourth year with the exception of the following:
    • Students are allowed one (1) days off during the rotation if needed. No more than 1 day can be missed in the session. More than 1 missed clinic day will result in an incomplete grade for the session.
    • Granted day off will require an assignment: PowerPoint presentation, summary of assigned journal articles on a particular topic, or an AAO style case report. The type of assignment will be determined by and reviewed by Dr. Lopez.
    • NBEO Boards/Law Test:
      • Leave requests should be submitted in writing (e-mail is acceptable) at least one month in advance of the days to be taken.
      • Prefer day of test to not be on a Monday
      • No requests for NBEO III leave will be granted for the first two weeks of the rotation.
    • Residency Interviews – Prefer to be virtual if possible. Otherwise, schedule not on a Monday.
    • Academic Meetings: Students may be granted a day off to attend a national optometric meeting at the discretion of the faculty member in charge.
    • All absences are to be entered into Meditrek.
    • If you are sick and need to call in an absence, please inform Dr. Lopez via email and cell phone as soon as possible.