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Immunizations Required:

  • Students to obtain flu vaccine and provide documentation to The Vision Center no later than 4 weeks before start of rotation.
  • Flu vaccine is required.
  • Covid-19 vaccine and booster highly recommended. We accept medical and religious exemptions.

Clinic Attire:

  • Scrubs are permitted. No color requirement.
  • Berkeley Optometry White Coat.
  • All attire must be washed, clean and ironed.
  • Well groomed and/or shaven.
  • Non offensive body orders and oral hygiene.


  • Non covered parking spots available directly behind Suite 110.
  • All parking spots immediately in front of the clinics are for patients/patron access only and enforced by towing.

Absence Policy:

  • Students are allowed three (3) days off during the rotation if needed and will be expected
    to make up within the rotation if space available or to make up at Berkeley Optometry.
  • All absences are to be entered into Meditrek.
  • Requests for days off must be approved by Dr. Juarez via email at least 4 weeks prior.
  • If you are sick and need to call in an absence, please inform Dr. Juarez via email and cell phone as
    soon as possible.