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Immunizations Required

  • Covid-19 vaccine and booster required.
  • Tuberculosis (TST) Screening: Students can do a blood test (such as Quantiferon) or have a current 2-Step PPD: The two-step test is NOT the usual PPD skin test in which you receive an injection of PPD and the test area is observed one time at specific time frame. The two-step PPD test is used to detect individuals with past TB infection who now have diminished skin test reactivity or to offset potential false negative testing results. This procedure reduces the likelihood that a boosted reaction is later interpreted as a new infection. In this procedure a person is given a baseline PPD test. If the test is negative, a second test is administered one to three weeks later. If the second test is negative, the person is considered uninfected. If the second test is positive, then the person is considered to have a “boosted” reaction to an infection that occurred a long time ago. The two-step PPD will require four visits.
  • Must complete 5 HealthStream courses prior to the start of their rotation (must contact Linda Burke at

Immunizations Records Submit to and Date:

  • Due at least six weeks prior to start date. Email Linda Burke at She will give you additional forms and trainings.

Documentation Required

  • Consent to a background check.

Documentation Submit to and Date

  • Due at least six weeks prior to start date. Email Linda Burke at She will give you information on the background check.

Absence Policy

  • Any leave must be requested at least 1 month in advance of the desired day off and be pre-approved by Dr. Piper Bahr.  Requested leave will be granted only at the discretion of Dr. Bahr.
  • Granted days off require a makeup day on the Saturday or Sunday the week preceding the absence. In the event a makeup day is not available, the absence may require an assignment:
    PPT presentation (in addition to the presentation required for all trainees), summary of an assigned journal article, or an AAO style case report as noted below. The type of assignment will be determined by Dr. Bahr.
  • Boards: No additional assignments for the day of testing
    • NBEO part 1 and 2: travel days NOT approved as these tests are offered locally.
    • NBEO part 3: externs are encouraged to schedule test on Monday or Friday to limit days
      of clinic missed. One travel day is allowed either 1 day prior to or 1 day after the date of
      the Part 3 examination.
    • Law Test: student is requested to schedule test in the morning so that he/she is
      able to return for clinic in the afternoon
    • Days off to study for Boards will not be granted. Externs should study on weekends and
      prioritize clinical experience.
  • Religious holidays: No additional assignments
  • AAO, AOA, SECO: No additional assignments. Only 1 conference per rotation per
    student. Additional meeting attendance will be at discretion of Externship Coordinator.
  • Residency Interviews: Virtual interviews are encouraged. If the student is interviewing in person, multiple interviews should be scheduled on same day to limit clinic time missed. There will be 1 additional assignment or makeup clinic day per day missed for residency interviews.
  • Sick days: There will be 1 additional assignment or makeup clinic day for each sick day taken.
  • Death in the immediate family or personal childbirth: Requested leave will be granted at the discretion of Dr. Bahr.
  • More than 5 missed clinic days will result in incomplete grade for quarter. If you have any questions, please discuss with Dr. Piper Bahr immediately.