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All records are reviewed. This includes assessment of EHR, confirming that the attending instructor has approved and signed the records, and that information regarding the patient information is correctly recorded. This takes place on 100% of the patient records.

The quality assurance (QA) process was reevaluated in September of 2014. An updated QA form was developed within the committee and implemented in a bi-annual QA process. This process is a peer to peer assessment of five clinic charts selected during a specified time period as determined by the committee chair. After the review process is complete the faculty reviewer will present the results to the reviewee. The faculty reviewee will sign the QA form in acknowledgement of the results. The cumulative results of the review will be evaluated by the Chief and based on this review may determine that an additional QA review of a faculty member is indicated. The results are presented to the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs.

These evaluations assist the Clinic Chiefs and Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs in order to maintain quality of exams.

In addition, the Clinic Administration keeps a chronological file of complaints, comments, and outcomes. Positive and negative comments are promptly distributed with feedback from administration to the faculty and students involved.

Lastly, the Eye Wear Center has a program called Beartracker which can generate reports on problems and re-dos on a prescription done for a patient they examined. Students and Eyewear Center faculty are able to log into the system for this information.