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By conducting effective patient satisfaction surveys, the Clinic gains valuable information about areas in which our Clinic excels and areas that need improvement.

A well-implemented survey process can lead to:

  • Improved patient loyalty and increased referrals.
  • Benchmarking to set patient-centered and facility-centered improvement goals.
  • Identification, measurement, and tracking of areas of our Clinic that are key determinants of patient satisfaction.
  • Continued accreditation.

The most significant reason why we conduct patient surveys is to identify areas for improvement that will increase patient loyalty, yield higher referrals, and increase service volumes, all of which ultimately help to provide a broad educational experience for our interns.

At the end of each exam, patients of Minor Hall and the Tang Eye Center are emailed a link to an online patient survey. Patients are queried regarding all aspects of their eye examination experience from the ease of making an appointment to the quality of their examination and finally in regards to their eyewear materials. The surveys are reviewed periodically by Clinic Administration. Surveys that earn a low score are flagged and reviewed and addressed in a timely manner by the Clinic Manager. Trends and significant findings are discussed at clinical faculty and staff meetings.