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All charges are to be entered in the patient’s ledger on the day of services, regardless of whether the patient or insurance will pay. The patient’s vision or medical insurance may affect the amount the patient will pay at the time of their visit to the Clinic. The financial class field on the patient’s computer record should reflect the patient’s insurance and, in some instances, the Billing Department will append an insurance screen to the patient screen in the computer.

  • Lions patients are scheduled by the front-desk staff. They are allowed an exam and glasses. If they are in need of a procedure or follow-up care, you must write a letter to the head of Lions. Put it on Berkeley letterhead, and describe, to the best of your abilities, what they need (in lay terms). The patients will get a referral to an MD from Lions.
  • Clinician prepares fee sheet and has charges entered to patient ledger. Patient does not pay.
  • Cosmetic contact lenses are charged at the usual and customary fees for lenses and fittings, less exams. Patient pays for cosmetic fittings and lenses.
  • Special services require a Lions authorization and are paid at 50% of our usual charges. A letter is written by the Student (in very general terms), reviewed by attending faculty, and given to the Insurance Department for processing.
  • No trifocals.
  • Polycarbonate or any eyewear add-ons require a Lions authorization.
  • Lions will not cover Ocular Disease Clinic visits in our office. A referral letter must be written by the student and given to Mary Harris for processing.

Referrals come through the Lions Club. Services provided are:

  • Examination is provided at no charge. (Fees and 100% discount are entered in ledger.)
  • Lenses and Medi-Cal frames are provided to patient at no cost.