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Please refer to Student Immunization Requirements on the school’s intranet site (calnet authentication required) for information on the school’s policy for student immunizations.

Students shall submit their documentation to the Student Affairs Office.

Please note that in addition to those requirements, the clinic also has the following additional prerequisites:

Students must complete a HIPAA online training program and sign the Oath of Confidentiality statement.

Immunizations are strongly recommended to protect both clinicians and patients. Students must have met the above requirements or they will not be placed on the clinic schedule and therefore will not be permitted to see patients. These requirements will also meet most externship’s requirements. Students are expected to comply with any changes in the immunization policies, including the addition of newly required immunizations, within the designated time limits. Please note that some externships may require additional requirements including FBI or Department of Justice background checks, physical examination, and other paperwork. Failure to comply with any of these requirements could result in not being placed on intern roster or not being permitted to attend an external rotation.