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The Cal 1 Card is the University of California Berkeley’s official identification card. It is also your CalNet ID.  It is a permanent card, and it is not transferable. This multi-purpose digital Photo ID Card combines multiple card technologies. In addition to serving as your photo identification card, this card will also permit you to gain access to campus buildings and events and allow you to take advantage of many University services:

  • After-hour, weekend, and holiday access to Minor Hall and Minor Addition
  • Library services
  • Residence halls
  • Recreational Sports Facilities
  • University Health Services
  • Discounts off-campus and on-campus
  • Sporting events and other campus activities including performances at Zellerbach Hall
  • Athletic Ticket offices
  • Student Government voting
  • Student Check cashing
  • Rides on public transportation

With a valid picture ID and your employee ID number (obtain from HR when you have completed hiring documents), you should obtain a Cal 1 Card by going to:

Cal 1 Card Office
110 Cesar Chavez Center, Lower Sproul, M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., 510-643-6839.


When conducting clinic business, and corresponding with patients, students and vendors, it is advisable to have a email address. With your Calnet ID, you can establish an email address by going to:  Click on Create Account.

When you have received your email address, please inform Clinic Administration. Thereafter, your email address will be added to the faculty email addresses and you will receive periodic emails regarding optometry, school-wide and campus-wide matters.  Your email must be included in the clinical faculty list in order for you to be able to send/use students class lists, etc.


After one semester of teaching, the clinic can order business cards for you. Please stop by Clinic Administration and you will be shown a variety of card styles to choose from.


For faculty involved in patient care, after one semester of teaching and if you are continuing to teach the following academic year, the clinic will supply you with one clinic jacket including embroidery of your name. Please stop by and see Erika Racklin at Clinic Administration.


Staff, Students, and faculty are required to wear University Eye Center IDs which should be attached to your clinic jacket or worn around your neck on a lanyard. Please stop by and see Tom Michelsen at Clinic Administration to have a photo taken. He will manufacture an ID badge for you. And he can give you a lanyard if you would like one.


Though usually not the case, at times Clinical Faculty may need keys to enter the building at times other than clinic hours. Approval for keys must be obtained from the Clinic Director and provided to Cliff Lobberegt, the School of Optometry Facilities Manager, in 381 Minor. You may need to see Linda first to obtain an approval form. Have it signed by the Clinic Director in Clinic Administration and return it to Linda. If the key(s) is available, she will issue it promptly. Upon termination of employment, all keys are to be surrendered to Cliff Lobberegt.


Faculty who teach regularly are provided with a non-secure mailbox on the 3rd Floor of the Minor Hall (across from the Business Office, Room 360 Minor Addition). If you are in need of a mailbox, please let Clinic Administration know.


Street parking around the UC Berkeley campus is limited and subject to restrictions (permit, metered or two-hour). We advise our faculty to consider public transportation such as BART or to purchase day parking permits. The downtown Berkeley BART Station is a 20-minute walk from the Optometry School. In addition, a number of bus lines have stops near campus.

The Clinic Administration Office sells daily “C” parking permits for $16/permit. These permits require you to scratch off the date of use and are not re-usable. You may buy a supply of up to 20 permits and payment can be made by cash, check or credit card.  (Tom Michelsen and Erika Racklin can process credit card payments.) You can also check the Parking and Transportation Office for “F” and “C” permits which may be a little less expensive.

Lastly, if you plan to be on campus regularly, you may obtain a parking permit from the Parking and Transportation Office. For information on permit types and rates, please visit the website is


Faculty with a CalNet ID may set up remote online library privileges so that you may access UC library resources. Please go to

Under the “Help” menu, click on “Connecting from off-campus.” Click on “Proxy Server” to set-up access from your computer.


Faculty members may rest or have lunch in the Faculty Lounge (Room 350) which is located on the 3rd Floor of Minor Addition across from the Business Office. The Faculty Lounge is equipped with a refrigerator, a microwave, and a toaster oven.  Please note that the Faculty Lounge is used for meetings or seminars and may have limited availability. Key access is not necessary for entry to the Faculty Lounge. Please check the schedule posted outside the room for availability. Reservations for the Faculty Lounge for a meeting can be scheduled with Connie Poon of the Dean’s Office.  Her phone number is (510) 642-3414.


Faculty are entitled to a discount on most continuing education programs offered by the School of Optometry Continuing Education Office. This does not include the online BOLD glaucoma courses. The rate of discount depends on the percentage of your appointment. For more information on programs offered, please visit  For more information on the amount of discount entitled, please contact Danni Peck at or (800) 827-2163.


From time to time, Faculty may need access to high-speed copiers for school-use located in the Business Office and outside Cliff Lobberegt’s office in 381 Minor. Hall. The copier requires a code to activate it. To obtain the copier code, please see a staff member in Clinic Administration. There are light duty copiers located in Clinic Administration, the EyeWear Center, and the Front Desk area. No copier code is necessary for the light-duty copiers.


For clinic correspondence, you may obtain University Letterhead, envelopes, and labels from the Clinic Administration Office. We can also provide you with an electronic template for letterhead and memo.

The No. 11 envelopes have barcodes on them necessary for billing to our mail account. Larger envelopes do not. You can obtain a barcode sticker from Clinic Administration. If you are not able to obtain a sticker, please place your outgoing mail in the plastic mail bin behind the front desk. At the end of the day, a staff member will put a barcode on it and prepare it for outgoing mail.  In addition, outgoing mail (with barcodes) may be placed in the mailbox located to the right of the Business Office (360 Minor Addition).

RESERVING ROOM 100 (Minor Addition)

At times, faculty may need to reserve Room 100 for seminars. Room 100 is equipped with a chalkboard, a whiteboard, slide projectors, an LCD projector, and a screen. No computer hardware is provided. There is one cord that will connect a laptop to the LCD projector. Access to Room 100 requires key access. To reserve Room 100, please see Tom Michelsen or Erika Racklin in Clinic Administration.


The Dean’s Office can loan equipment for school use. The following can be borrowed:

  • Macintosh Laptop
  • PC Laptop
  • LCD Projector
  • Slide Projector
  • Laser Pointer

As there is often a demand to borrow equipment, they can be loaned out only for one day or two. Please see Connie Poon in the Dean’s Office to reserve equipment.


Located in Mod C Room C210 are a defibrillator and a crash cart. There are also some medical supplies and emergency medications (including an angle-closure kit) located in plastic bins in cabinets near the back of the EyeWear Center. If the cabinets are locked, please see an Optician for access.


We have on supply in the EyeWear Center the following equipment for short-term loan:

  • Pachymeters
  • Hand-held slit-lamp
  • Tonopens and tonopen covers
  • Perkins Tonometers
  • Kowa Tonometers
  • Stereo Viewer
  • Foreign Body Kit
  • Sphygmomanometer
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  • Diagnostic Kit

Complete the sign-out/inventory form prior to removing equipment. Please return borrowed equipment as soon as possible so that they may be available for use elsewhere in the clinic.