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Faculty are systematically reviewed by students using the online evaluation system, Meditrek ( The outcomes of these reviews figure prominently in consideration and evaluation of clinical faculty for merit and promotion in relation to their academic title and status.

Summaries of the evaluation comments and average scores are available to faculty on Meditrek.

Instructor evaluations by students are considered to be a very critical part of our clinical program and the feedback is given to instructors, both positive and negative. It is important that students take these evaluations seriously when filling them out, and it is helpful to have both rankings and comments on teaching effectiveness.

The process of evaluations should take place during the second to the last week of every rotation. (Please refer to the Clinic Calendar for submission deadlines.) This includes all in-house and external clinical sites.

Students should be given time to complete the evaluations during seminar when the instructor is not present or may complete them at their leisure when not in clinic.

This data is maintained confidentially on Meditrek.

These evaluations provide important feedback to each instructor as an aid in the understanding of their effectiveness in the Clinic. They are also primary data sources that affect promotion and retention. Instructors have limited access to these evaluations, which are retained in their individual files.